Recruiting BandWhilst researching World War I, I have identified other people who enlisted pre the outbreak of the war and others who joined during the war who returned to their families. I have included all of them identified in this document.

It was not only in the towns and large villages that people enlisted. On 19 May 1915 a number of men enlisted in Henham from the surrounding area.

As you will see from the postcard, the military came out to encourage the young men to join the war effort.

Where I have identified more information I have created a hyperlink.

Age on enlistment
Regiment enlisted and rank
Date and place of enlistment
ADAMS Lancelot Harry 26yrs 11mths 50 Grace Road, Twickenham Royal Engineers 9th Dec 1915, Twickenham born Henham, Essex. next of kin: Ada Adams, nee Keighly wife, married 3rd Aug 1912 in Surrey. Discharged on 14th Dec 1918
BARKER George 25 yrs Dover, Kent 3rd Foot Regiment, 2nd Battalion, British Regiment Register of Service serving in Canada. 2 Sept 1807 Canada born Henham
BARLTROP Felix Reuben     Royal Fusiliers 12th Battalion. Houslow, Middlesex Died 27 Nov 1916
BARLTROP John 19 yrs 1 mth 6 Hotham Street, London 1st Essex Battery/2nd East Anglia Brigade Stratford, London, 12 Feb 1909 born 1890 Henham,
BARLTROP Walter 21yrs 4 mths.   Private, 17th Lancers; London 24 Aug 1897 born Henham son of G eorge, grocers assistant at Holland & Bird at Bishops Stortford, discharged on 26th Nov 1919, married Margaret Clements on 23rd Osct 1915 London
BARLTROP William James          
BENDALL Herbert Henry   Ugley Service No. 12069, Essex Regiment 13th Battalion 1916 Parents lived in Henham
BENTLEY Charles 21 yrs 4 mths Lodge Gate Henham Bedfordshire 21 June 1915 Saffron Walden farm labourer
BENTLEY Cyril Kirby   51 Kimberley Avenue, Seven Kings, Essex 12th Battalion King’s Royal Rifle   born 1885 in Aspenden near Royston
BENTLEY Frank     Service No. 17561 7th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment Bishops Stortford Born in Henham, Essex. Resident in Broxted. Died 25th March 1918 in Flanders.

BENTLEY Frank, Private died 25/03/1918 aged Service Record 17561 Bedfordshire Regiment 7th Battalion. Remembered at Pozieres Memorial.

BENTLEY William Ernest     5th Battalion Essex Regiment Henham Resident and enlisted Henham, Essex, BENTLEY W. E. Reported as wounded in Chelmsford Chronicle 14 December 1917. Then reported killed in action 2nd Nov 1917 in Palestine
BENTLEY William Arthur     Service No. 250925 Essex Regiment 5th Battn. Henham He is remembered on Panels 33 to 39 Jerusalem Memorial.
BLACKWELL William Frederick 20 yrs 11 mths Belmont Place, Newport, Essex Private, 3rd Batt. Essex Regiment. Warley 25 Jan 1915 born Henham, enlists twice.
BRAND Christopher 30 yrs 9 mths Mill Field, Stansted, Essex 25th Battalion, King's (Liverpool) Regiment 12 Dec 1916 Warley born in Henham 1895
BRAND James 23 yrs   Private Grenadier Guards; 15 Dec 1857 Bow Street Police Station born 1834 Henham
BRAND William George   William was the son of George and Elizabeth Brand, of Woodend Green, Henham, Essex. Private, 12th Battalion East Surrey Regiment Saffron Walden, Service No.33201 A reference from the war diaries was that at Bois Quarante on 4th September 1918 an early morning attack was planned to begin at 04.00am. Killed, 21 years, in action on 4th Sept 1918 Flanders. Remembered at Voormezelle Enclosure No. 3 Cemetery.
BRIGHT Charles     94th Foot   born 1817 Henham, Essex; labourer, deserted 26 Aug 1839
BROWN Alfred 34 Years   1st Reserve Park, Royal Army Service Corp 1915   born 1880 Henham, Essex resident in Wymondham, Norfolk
BURTON Harry 19 yrs 5 mths Clavering, Essex Private, Essex Regiment - 44th & 56th Foot 29 Dec 1888 at Saffron Walden born 1869 Henham;
BUSH Henry 21 yrs   Private; Cheshire Regiment 22nd Foot 30 Nov 1871 Westminster born 1850 Henham
BUSH Ernest 23 yrs 6 mths Bigglewade, Bedfordshire Machine Gun Corps, No. 2nd Company 11th Dec. 1918 at Biggleswade born 1895 Henham, market gardener.
CAMP Albert Ernest   Burnt House Henham Army Pioneer Corps. No 14301195   born 1903
CAMP Abel William 27 yrs 3 mths Barking Place, Braintee Essex Yeomanry 10 May 1902 Stansted born Mar 1875
CAMP Charles 18yrs Henham, Essex 3rd Batt. Essex Regiment 9 May 1895 born 1877 Henham. He bought himself out 19 Feb 1896.
CAMP Edward Charles     6th Batt. Queens (Royal West Surrey) Saffron Walden born and lived Henham, Essex died of wounds in Flanders 28 Apr 1918
CAMP Frederick C       26 August 1916 Reported wounded on 12 April 1918
CAMP Frank   Henham, Essex 10th Batt. Essex Regiment Saffron Walden killed in Flanders 1 July 1916
CAMP Sidney John   born Burnt Cottage Chickney Service no. G22158 the Buffs East Kent Regiment Witham Essex Died 9 August 1918
CARTER William 19 yrs   54th or West Norfolk Regiment of Foot 16 Jul 1822 born 1803 Henham, Essex
CARTWRIGHT Stanley Belton 34 yrs 300 days   Royal Service Corp 20 Aug 1915 Coventry born 1881 Henham, Essex discharged 22 June 1919, Chesea Pensioner, previous occupation Wholesale Warehouseman, motor driver
CHILDS Albert 37 years 1 month   Private in Royal Fusiliers City of London Regiment, posted 2/4th London. service no. 84174 Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) 4th London. Previously Tr/13/59569, T.R. Battn. Warley and Saffron Walden Born Henham, son of George and Sally Childs of The Kennels Elsenham. Resident Elsenham, killed in action Flanders 10 Sep 1918 aged 18yrs. Buried Epehy Wood Farm Cemetery Epehy.Sister was Edith Chapman
CLARK Edward 26 yrs 11 mths Pledgdon Green, Henham; Residence 4 Grove Place, New Town, Bishops Stortford 4th Battalion, Essex Regiment, previously served in the Suffolk Regiment

3 Apr 1916 and 12 April 1921 for 90 days


born 13th March 1884 although previously claimed 1890 of Pledgdon Green, Henham.
CLARK Robert   Henham 1st Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment Bishops Stortford Killed in Flanders 22 Oct 1914
CLARKE Alfred 30 yrs 10 mths Pledgdon Green, Henham 9th Battalion/ Training Reserve 28th Battalion 27 Oct 1914 Bishop Stortford born Henham 1884
CLARK Henry Frederick George   Pledgdon Green, Henham Service no. 4/6893 Bedfordshire Regiment 2nd Battalion.
  Died 25 Sept 1915 aged 21. Remembered at Loos Memorial.
CLARK Robert   Pledgdon Green, Henham Service no. 7485 Bedfordshire Regiment 1st Battalion. Bishops Stortford Died 22 Oct 1914 aged 32. He is remembered at Le Touret Memorial.
CLEARS Henry 18 yrs   Private, Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victoria's) - 87th & 89th Foot 26 April 1839 Bury St Edmunds born 1821 Henham
COOK Arthur          
COOPER David    


  David Cooper Snr. of Lodge Farm, Henham applied for his son, David, age 28, It was agreed he could be exempt for three months to assist his father on his 83 acre farm.
DENNISON A. (Alfred) born 13 Dec 1897 aged 18     3 Jun 1916 Saffron Walden  
DENNISON Arthur John   Henham, Essex Gunner Clyde (RGA - TF) Royal Garrison Artillery Saffron Walden Killed in action in Flanders 5 Sep 1917
DENNISON John Peter aged 22 Henham Royal Tank Corp 11 Oct 1926 Maidstone born 11 June 1904, previously employment labourer.
DIXON Joseph William  

Son of Edward and Harriet Dixon of The Row.

Hertfordshire Regiment Warley, Essex Died 04/09/18
DUNN Horatio     Service No. 33411 87th Squadron RAF.   Died 01 Jun1940 Aged 23.
ELLIS Graham Harry   Church End Henham Essex 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Fusiliers    
FISHER Stanley     2nd Bn. Royal Fusiliers.   Died 12th May 1917. Age 22. Buried at Duisans British Cemetery Etrun. Son of Elwin William and Annie Elizabeth Fisher formerly lived Henham.
FREEMAN John 18 yrs   19th Jan 1894   born Henham, Essex; labourer; medically unfit for the Militia
FROST George 20 yrs 7 mths   Middlesex Regiment, General Service Infantry 16th Nov 1882 Hounslow born Henham 1862
FULLER James 20yrs 3 mths   Private; Scots Foot Guards 1st Dec 1854 born 1832 in Henham
GOODWIN David 45 yrs 8 months   Royal Army Service Corps. Chelmsford on 26 July 1918 born 1872
HARRIDGE Edward 27 yrs   Private, 20th Dragoon Guards 9 Apr 1806 born Henham
HAMMOND Arthur 19 years and 2 months   Service no. 8315 1st Battalion East Surrey Regiment. 08 Sept 1914 Bishops Stortford Died 10/10/1917 aged 22. Remembered at Tyne Cot Memorial. Son of Mrs. Emma Jane Woodcock of Old Mead Cottages Henham.
HAMMOND Walter 18 years and 7 months   Service No. L14106 Duke of Cambridge's Own 13th Battalion Middlesex Regiment. Mill Hill on 05 Jun 1912 Died 10 Oct 1918 aged 28. Buried at St. Aubert British Cemetery.
HARGRAVE Walter 14 years 6 months   Royal Artillery service no. 11164. Scarborough on 7 Sept 1895.  
HARMAN Ernest     Northumbrian Fusiliers   May 1918 reported as a prisoner of war in Germany.
HARRIDGE Edward 27 years   20th Light Dragoons. Formerly served with the 10th Light Dragoons from 20th Jan 1800 to 25 May 1802 9 April 1806  
HARTGROVE Albert George     A.S Corps . He previously served with the Duke of Cambride Own (Middlesex) Regiment for 13 years. 30th Apr 1915  
HARTGROVE ??       28 September 1870 Retires to Henham
HAWKES George     Napoleonic War - Foot Guards Attestation papers 1st April 1813 at Leicester born Henham, Essex
HAYDEN Owen          
HEARD Basil Claud Christmas     Essex Regiment 2nd Battalion enlisted Henham. died in action 23 Oct 1916
HOPWOOD Herbert 45 yrs born Henham (1891 census) 101 Rye Street, Bishops Stortford RAMC Royal Artillery Mechanised Corp 6 May 1918 Hertford  
HOUGHTON Harry Hugh 40 yrs Bingarra Rooms, Main St, Vancouver Irish Fusiliers of Canada Vancouver born Henham
INGOLD Henry (Harry)William   Born 1898 son of Herbert and Mary Ingold of 40 Crow Street, Henham.    Henham Died 28 Sept1918 aged 20
JOHNSON Frederick Harwood 17yrs & 11 months   Rifleman, TRN Battery Regiment; service no. 134867 2nd or 22nd Sept 1916 at Saffron Walden  
JOHNSON William Hayden   Stone Cottage Henham Service No. 32231, Essex Regiment 2nd Battalion 20 Oct 1916 Warley Died 09/04/1917 aged 20
KING Frank   born Henham   Birmingham Died 24 Dec 1915 Aged 31
KING Walter   High St Henham      
LAVER Archibald Charles 18 born 25 Oct 1899 Henham Navy   Joined 11 Dec 1917 served on President II and HMS Dardalus both training ships, as the war ends he is transferred to the RAF as HMS Dardalus was part of RAF Cranwell
MASTERS Frederick     Leicestershire Regiment, 7th Battalion. Nottingham Died 31 Aug 1918, Aged 40
NAPIER Robert David   Bacons Farm Henham Sub-Lieutenant (A), Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, on board H.M.S. Ruler in the Pacific Ocean.

  Died age 21, 6 June 1945 states that he was killed during operations at sea.
NEVILLE Archer 20 yrs 6 mths born Henham Royal Artillery Warley 29 Oct 1896 Previous employment labourer Discharged 28 Oct 1908
NEVILLE Arthur 31 years High Street, Henham 12th Essex Regiment Saffron Walden 23 Dec 1914 born Henham 1885 discharged 3 Aug 1916
NEVILLE George William 31 years   14th Essex Regiment 11 Dec 1915 Saffron Walden  
PALMER William   Waltham Cross, Herts 409 Agricultural Company, Labour Corps, Lincoln   born September 1874 in Henham, Essex
PAYNE Duke Horace 23 yrs 11 mths
Sandy Mount, Henham, Essex
Labour Company 24th May 1916 Saffron Walden  
PERRY Frederick 19yrs 5 mths Henham 3rd Battalion Essex Regiment 5 Mar 1896 Bishops Stortford and 20 May 1918 at Colchester born 1879 in Henham, Essex; labourer;
PHILLIPS Richard     13th Dragoons, 23rd Dragoons, 21st Dragoons then Private, Royal Veteran Battn.   born in Henham, Essex;
REYNOLDS William 20 yrs 150 days Gate House Elsenham Northamptonshire Regiment 10 Sept 1914 Saffron Walden born in Henham; nursery hand;
RICKETTS Jas (James)     9th Regiment of Foot 2 Feb 1820 applied to become a Chelsea Pensioner, born 1789
RICKETTS Joseph 16 yrs   Gunner and Driver, 3rd Batt. Royal Regiment of Artillery 17 Mar 1814 Woolwich born in Henham, Essex; trade groom. Served for 28 years 194 days.
RUSE George Benjamin     East Surrey Regiment 8th Battalion. Warley Died 18 Sep 1918 aged 32
SALMON John 18 yrs   Considered unfit at 1st medical due to poor physique 10 Jan 1895 Dunmow born 1877 in Henham, Essex; labourer for Mr Wright of Saffron Walden;
SAMPFORD H. W. Henham   Essex Regiment   Chelmsford Chronicle published Friday 14 Sept 1917 shows him as wounded.
SEARLES Arthur   Herds Farm, Molehill Green, Takeley 5th Battalion Essex Regiment for 4 years 19 May 1915 Henham  
SHADE or SHEAD William 24 yrs Henham, Essex Private, Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards 2 Apr 1813 Portsmouth born 1789 in Henham
SHEAD Jas (James) c. 17 yrs   4th June 1803 - 24th Dec 1813 Private with 24th Regiment of Foot, South Wales Borderers then in East Indies 30th Dec 1810 - 24th Dec 1813. Served total of 12yrs 9mths. 20th Oct 1814 applies to become a Chelsea Pensioner at the age of 33 and is recorded in the register entitled served in Canada. 13 Oct 1814 born Henham c. 1784, labourer
SMITH Clifford     Service No. 355218 2nd/7th Battalion London Regiment Colchester Died 26 Aug 1918 aged 23
SNOW Frederick George 36 yrs 4 mths Dellows Ugley Private, Army Reserve (Special Reservists) 9 Sep 1914 at Hertford born Henham lived in Ugley; gardener
SNOW Herbert James 31 yrs 9 mths Chickney Road, Henham, Essex Private, Royal Army Medical Corps 19th Company, 8th Training Battalion Essex Regiment 21 Dec 1914 Warley Essex
Born Henham
SNOW Nelson Arthur 35 yrs 1 mths Alsa Wood, Stansted, Essex Pioneer (Roadman), 121st Labour Company 13th Feb 1917 Saffron Walden born in Henham; married Ellen Minnie Davey 24 Apr 1909 Henham, Essex.
SPELLER Augustus   Henham Service No. 9088 Bedfordshire Regiment 2nd Batttallion 1914 Hertford Killed 26 Oct 1914 in France and Flanders
SPELLER Herbert James 19 yrs 3 mths Hertford Heath, Herts 4th Bedford Regiment  20.10.1905 Bedford born in Henham, Essex; son of Charles & Hettie Speller; older brother William of Turnford and sister Mary of Hertford Heath; employed by Mr G Gray, timber merchant of Hertford as a general labourer; discharged 26.5.1908 as totally unfit
STEPHENSON John 26 yrs 3 mths High River, Alberta, Canada Service No. 117552 previously served with 15th Light Horse 6 Jan 1915 Calgary, Canada born Henham
TURNER Albert Thomas     Service No. 34144 Essex Regiment 9 Battalion, formerly 2611, Essex Saffron Walden, died 07/04/1918 aged 25 Buried at St. Hilaire Cemetery Extension Frevent.
TURNER Frank Percy 36 yrs 8 mths The Stores, Bentfield End, Stansted, Essex Mechanical Transport Depot, Army Service Corps. 25.8.1916 born 1879 in Henham, Essex
TURNER John   Bishops Stortford   30 May 1896 Hertford wife Sarah Ann Willett was from Henham
TURNER Ralph Victor 19.10.1891 Age 24 born Henham Service No. 12169 Army 32 Squadron 1 Nov 1915 Occupation carpenter wife May marries 19.12.1916 at Markby near Alford Lincs.
TURNER Reginald Vincent   born Henham Service No. G/43082 Duke of Cambridge’s Own (Middlesex Regiment), 4th Battalion, formerly 11947, Royal Flying Corps. Saffron Walden Died aged 20, 30 Apr 1917 France and Flanders, formerly 11947 Royal Flying Corp
WARNER Frederick     Essex Regiment, 13th Battalion. Saffron Walden Died 28 Apr 1917
WARNER Leonard 22 yrs 4 mths Henham 7th Battalion Suffolk Regiment 24 Aug 1914 driver
WESTWARD William 21 yrs Henham 1st Battalion of the 6th Regiment Infantry Regiment 18 Sept 1841 Cambridge 11 years and 8 months at Cape of Good Hope. Discharged at own request after 21 yrs of service.
WHITE George William 26 yrs & 10mths / 28 yrs 90, Queens Rd., Walthamstow London E17 Machine Gun Corps, 86th Training Reserve Battalion Service No. 84397 Machine Gun Corps, 86th Training Reserve Battalion 26 April 1917 Liverpool Street; 1st joined
18 Aug 1918 Whitehall, Ldn
born Henham Essex c.1889; worked for Great Eastern Railway Co. porter
WHITE Percy     Service No. 10763, Essex Regiment.   Essex Newsman on 12 Aug 1916 as wounded but survived the war with his brother Ernest.
WHITE Walter     Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion. Saffron Walden Died 20 Jul 1916 aged 23 brother of Ernest and Percy.
WILLETT Richard (Dick)     2nd Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment Hertford Died 30 Oct 14 aged 20
WILLETT Robert 19 yrs 11 mnths   Bedfordshire Regiment 5 Feb 1903 Bishops Stortford  
WILSON Thomas George     Sergeant, service no. 56002, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 10th Battalion. Formerly 13214, Essex Regiment. Saffron Walden Died 17/06/1917, aged 28.The 1901 census records Henham as his birthplace.
WRIGHT Herbert Charles about 37 years old The Row, Great Henham 5th Battalion Essex Regiment (Royal Engineers)(Transportation Branch). 13 Jan 1915 Chelmsford The Row, Great Henham, Essex
WRIGHT William 40/48 yrs ? of no abode Middlesex Regt / Suffolk Regt. April 18th 1918 Huntingdon born 1870; labourer; next of kin: sister: Mrs Charles Willett, The Bell, Henham, Essex; proceeded to dispersal 17.1.1919; address for pay: Mrs. C. Willett, Wood End Green, Henham, Essex; service in Eastern Theatre