We are very grateful to the owners of Forge Cottage for their generosity in allowing us to make over 70 images from numerous documents relating primarily to the history of the property and its occupants.

The third lot of documents refers to James Hayden late a customary cophold tenant of Henham Manor who died on the 25th September 1869 having first made a will dated the 13th August 1869 and which was proved on the 22nd October. He bequeathed his estate to his wife, Emma Hayden. Consequently on the 14th October 1869 she requested admission to the tenancy of the customary or copyhold cottage or tenement known as 'Danes' in Henham but which was now divided into and used as three tenements with the yards, gardens, orchards, outhouses and appurtenances and late in the occupation of Thomas Phillips, Henry Ansell and Thomas Ansell and now occupied by Squires and Henry Ansell and Thomas Ansell. This is the property to which James Hayden was admitted tenant at a court held on the 25th July 1855 on the surrender of Edward Bright. Also included is a piece of waste ground, estimated in area as 6 rods, enclosed by James and lying opposite the said copyhold mentioned above which included a cottage or tenement erected by James to whic he was admitted tenant on the 25th October 1848. Also included was the customary messuage or cottage in Henham where Mary Dennison, widow, once lived with the blacksmiths shop, outbuildings, stables and appurtenances formerly the estate of Mary Mead and lately occupied by James Hayden to which he was admitted tenant on the 5th August 1862 on the surrender of Radcvliffe Pearl Todd and others to which Emma Hayden was granted.


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fc22c 1869

Below is the last Will of James Hayden made on the 13th August 1869. He describes himself as living in Henham and being a blacksmith. He leaves his estate to his wife Emma. He appoints Emma and Edward Mills of Britannia Brewery Ltd, Old Kent Road, Surrey as his executors. It was witnessed by John Newman of The Cock Inn, Henham and Martha Mills of 42, Trafalgar Road, Old Kent Road. The Will was proved on the 22nd Oct 1869

fc23b 1869
Henry Gardiner
Henry Gardiner
Fc21c Henry Gardiner

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Conveyance 1986 To current owners
Conveyance 28 August 1923 Josiah Henry Matthews to Eleanor Kate Banister and Kathleen Bassett Banister
Conveyance 21 July 1915 Wright to Matthews
Conveyance 15 October 1908 Willett to Matthews
Conveyance 23 August 1901 Gardiner to Matthews

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