We are very grateful to Miss Pimblett, Carol Eaton & Frances Roberts (also for their accompanying text), Gill Turner, Joy Lafferty, Pat Meads and many other residents for their help to build this collection of photographs

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bacons farm
outside Bacon's Farm
1908 bowls party at parsonage farm
1908 - William and Ellen Elizabeth Pimblett with the friends and family who came together to play bowls at Parsonage Farm. William is in the middle of the photograph standing behind Ellen Elizabeth, the lady wearing the black dress with white lace trimming
Willows pond about 1908
about 1908
ellen turner william turner
Ellen Turner (nee Balaam), Gill's grandmother, in 1922 William Turner in 1922, Gill's grandfather
friars cottage
Friars Cottage, Church End (Above and below)
peartree and plumtree cottages
Peartree Cottage and Plumtree Cottage, Wood End Green
The Moat and Moat Cottage, Hall Road 1909
above and below - The Moat and Moat Cottage, Hall Road 1909
the moat

Pplar Hall
The end cottage of Poplar Hall before the cottages were converted into one house. The lady is unknown.
Prestons now Bird Farm
Preston, now Birds Farm, Church End. A late-Tudor house, once a small farm, it has also been a butcher's shop and a slaughterer's. The name changed sometime after 1930 when there is a record of it for sale as 'Preston'. it was lost in a card game in 1892. The name of the man who gambled it away is not known but it is thought that it was won by a Mr Johnson who lived there until about 1910.
Church End 1909
Stagecoach outside The Cock c1900. Where the coach came from or where it was going is not known. It is possible that it stopped here to change horses as well as to pick up passengers
Frank Camp delivering milk to Stone Cottage in 1928. Ruth Johnson (nee Hayden) is bringing her jug to the door to be filled (no milk bottles in those days). Bill Camp took over the milk round from his brother Frank in 1970 and now Bill's son Dennis runs it with his wife Marion. Bill gave up because he became ill with throat cancer. Happily he recovered and is now a healthy 83 year old. The Camps hasve had a milk round i nthe village for a very long time. When Bill's father, William (Billy) delivered milk there were four rounds in the village. The other rounds were run by the Balaams at the Bell, Elm Farm and Mrs Markwell from Ugley. All of them delivered twice a day after milking. Below is a view of the rear of the cottage c1900.
Woodend Green