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about 1908
weood end green
about 1908
bays cottage 1980
cedar cottage
Bays Cottage
Cedar Cottage
jack in atrap
Jack with pony & trap and Bessie Hayden outside the village shop (Jack would give everbody a ride at the village fete)  
yarrow cottage
bury cottage
Mr. Yarrow's Cottage
Bury Cottage
1968 church street henham

'Elmic' and 'Shamrock' since demolished but replaced by two linked properties of the same names
1968 Church Street, Henham
1914 church end
1914 church end rev
1914 Church End, Henham
1914 Church End Henham reverse
1916 recruiting band
1916 recruiting band rev
1916 Henham recruiting band
1916 Henham recruiting band reverse
Bacon's Farm looking southwards in Crow Street
crow street farm