Robert Wright's family lived at Bacon's Farm Henham from the late 1880s some of the family later emigrated to Canada.

Robert Wright was born in Stradishall, Suffolk, to Daniel and Eliza nee Mason.

In October 1875 Robert now living in Whitechapel was a merchants clerk when he married Margaret Sarah Dickson (parents John and Martha of Mile End, London) in Stepney (her home parish), London. They initially remained in London, their children:

John Robert born in Whitechapel, London July 1876, (Robert was a hay compositor living in Kent St, Essex Yard).

Charles Edward born in Whitechapel 1878

Robert Dickson born in Stepney 1880

By 1881 Robert (31) and his wife Margaret Sarah (29) had three children John Robert, Charles E. (2) and Robert D. (1) have moved to Henham and now living in Bacon's Farm. (Robert died in 1883).

By 1891 Robert and Margaret children were John, Charles, Margaret, Daniel, Henry Thomas David, Eleanor F and Robert.

The 1901 census Robert alongside his wife Margaret with their children Margaret Elizabeth (18), Daniel (14), Henry (12), Eleanor (10) Robert (7) were living in Bacon's Farm.

The 1911 census shows that the family were still at Bacon's Farm, the two eldest John and Charles along with Daniel has moved from the property.

John Robert had married Kate Amelia Dixon in 1907 in Henham, Essex and were living High Road, Wormley, Herts and was a butcher.

Charles had married Kathleen Cowland (born Noak Hill, Essex) in 1906 and were living at Radwinter, Essex


Frank and Maisie Wedding

This is a picture of Margaret Elizabeth (Maisie) Wright and her husband David Frank Gutteridge, they were married in 1919. Her parents, Robert and Margaret Wright are on the right side of the picture, and David's parents are on the left side of the picture. I'm not sure whether this was taken in Henham or not - not sure where they got married. I don't know if they took up residence together in Henham or moved away.










Eleanor married Thomas A Collett in Reading in 1920.

By the time Elizabeth and Eleanor were married, Daniel had already emigrated to Canada and had persuaded his baby brother Henry to join him.

Daniel Dickson (known as Dick) Wright, had bought a farm near Brandon, Manitoba. Daniel (Dick) may have worked as a farm hand first, before saving enough money to purchase his farm. Harry Wright apparently was finally persuaded to go to Canada after some persistent coaxing by Dick, who was lonely, and according to my grandmother, "made it sound much better than it was" to start a new life in Canada. I'm not sure when Harry Wright arrived in Manitoba, but I do know it was before WWI, because he was engaged to Bessie Grace Hammond, who had to wait until after the war to join him in Canada. She finally arrived in Manitoba in October, 1919. The photograph below is taken prior to her trip.


Wright Family

Jay Wright Fren Wright Margaret or Eleanor Wright   Margaret or Eleanor Wright Bessie Grace Hammond (Henry's fiance)
Margaret Sarah Wright   Frank Wright   Daisy Wright (Frank's wife) Robert Wright

Robert died on 29 April 1926 in Henham, Essex, at the age of 76, Margaret Sarah his wife died on 19 March 1924 in Henham, Essex, at the age of 72.

John Robert their eldest son died 9 February 1937 in Watford, Hertfordshire, at the age of 60.

Charles Edward died in 1947 in Saffron Walden.

Daniel Dickson died in 1929 in Canada.

Margaret Elizabeth died in 1959 in Hertfordshire.

Eleanor F died in 1972 in Essex 

Henry died in Canada.


Canadian Family Connections with thanks to Sue Gallinger for the information.

Henry Thomas David Wright emigrate to Canada before 1914, due to the war, his fiance Bessie Grace Hammond (born May 1890) of London was unable to joing him until 1919, when she sailed from Avonmouth (Bristol) to Montreal on 10 October on PRETORIAN, where she married him on 26 October 1919 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Bessie's sister Constance Hammond is staying with them in 1921.

Henry and Bessie had a daughter Mary Margaret Wright born in Brandon, Manitoba May 1921, she died in Brandon January 2009, and Reginald.

Henry with his children Henry and his wife Mary Hammond
Henry with his two children Harry with his wife Bessie (left) Mary Ann (nee Tarr) Hammond Bessie's mother


Mary Margaret Wright

Mary Wright Wright Hawkin Wedding  
Mary Margaret's first day at school Margaret and Kenneth Horace Hawkins wedding day, Bessie is on the far right.  


Mary and Ken had a daughter Lorraine Margaret who is the mother of Sue Gallinger.

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