Henham History

Welcome to the Local History of Henham, Little Henham and Pledgdon

Henham is a parish of about 1,500 people settled long before the Domesday Book of 1085. It is situated about five miles north-east of Bishops Stortford in the English county of Essex. Expansion of the village, development of Stansted Airport and proposed building of a nearby new town (aka ‘Dumpton’) would change Henham immeasurably. Here we try to record the village as it was, as it is now, unless or before it is lost. Formerly known as Henham on the Hill and Henham on the Mount, the parish also includes the two hamlets of Little Henham and Pledgdon (or Prison Green).

Henham Villagers Weddings

Carol in the village is collating an archive of villagers weddings, she already has nearly 150 wedding photos dating from 1892 to the present day. It is such a great way of recording Henham families. To be able to have a photo of a family, know which house they lived in and how they were involved in Henham life is a special record to leave for future villagers. Another fascinating thing we see from the archive is how fashions changed over the years.
The wedding does not have to have taken place in Henham. For example grooms rarely get married in their parish it is usually the brides parish where the wedding takes place. Or as is the current trend, the wedding is in an exotic location elsewhere in the world. I already have weddings in Vanuatu & The Philippines.    

Carol hopes this has inspired you. Carol would be delighted if you would email me your photographs to henham@live.co.uk.