1901 Census

1901 Henham, Little Henham and Pledgdon Census
1901 Census – list of properties

This Census is the first that really gives us a chance to locate some of the properties since quite a few are named. It is also of greater relevance to today as some current senior and long-standing villagers will recall both those houses and many of the families (some will even be represented today).

The Census records the population as being 700 ( 357 males & 343 females). There were 166 inhabited homes, 11 uninhabited though normally occupied, 11 uninhabited and not in occupation, and two under construction.

Below is a list of those 166 properties in the order in which they were recorded and some basic details of the head occupants. However, it seems that the enumerator crossed the roads several times and that therefore the geographical sequence is misleading. The reasoning for this is unclear. Had he been to ‘The Cock’ first or did he occasionally record details out of sequence because of chance meetings as he made his way around the village? I have left a full print with the previous returns at ‘˜The Cock’. As this return was originally hand-written, these details are my interpretation and may contain spelling inaccuracies. I would be grateful for any corrections.

Henham Hall Cottages
1. William Barlthrop, cowman
2. indecipherable, shepherd
3. indecipherable, gardener
4. indecipherable, army pensioner
5. Church End, William Warner, market carrier
property not in occupation
St Mary’s Church
1. Bird’s Farm, Mary Ann Snow, dressmaker
2. Charles Wright, farmer’s son; Robert Wright, grocer’s assistant
3. Church End, John Dickson, brass founder
4. Church End, indecipherable,
5. Church End, James Smith, agricultural worker
6. Church End, Walter Heard, wheelright
7. Church End, John Tant, horsekeeper on farm
8. Cock Inn, William Elliott, innkeeper
9. Parsonage Cottages, William Dennison, horsekeeper on farm
10. Parsonage Cottages, Esther Wright on parish relief
11. Parsonage Farm, William Duckworth, farmer
12.   ? Villa, Josiah Matthews, assurance agent
13. Henham House & Post Office, Martha Gardiner, grocer & baker
14. Church Street, Dan Hayden, blacksmith
15. Church Street, Mary Camp on parish relief
16. Church Street, William Squires? platelayer
17. Church Street, Stephen Squires, platelayer
18.  The Manse, George Turner, journeyman carpenter
Chapel School
1 Church Street, John Stead, agricultural labourer
2 Church Street, Kate Warder, school assistant, Board School
3 Church Street, Olive Gripsby?
4 Church Street, James Dennison, platelayer
5 Church Street, George Warner, agricultural labourer
6 Mount House, Thomas Ward, veterinary surgeon
occupied but uninhabited property
1 Church Street, George Law, horsekeeper on farm
Church Street, Sarah Bush on parish relief
Church Street, Frederick Powell?
? Street, Alfred White, journeyman baker
? Street, Thomas Suckling, journeyman carpenter
Rose Cottage, Frank Wright, shoemaker
Bacons farm, Robert Wright, farmer
Crowe Street, Mrs Salmon on parish relief
occupied but uninhabited property
Crowe Street, Thomas Wright, shoemaker
Crowe Street, James Neville, shepherd
3 Crowe Street, William Packwell, agricultural labourer
4 Crowe Street, indecipherable
5 Crowe Street, William Smith, postman
6 Carters Lane, Arthur Neville, shepherd
7 Carters Lane, Thomas Camp, horsekeeper on farm
8 Crowe Street, Alfred Mumford?, horsekeeper on farm
9 The Vicarage, Joseph Monk, clergyman
10 Crabbs Corner? William Turner, carpenter & builder
property uninhabited & unoccupied
Board School
1 School House, Benjamin Hood, head schoolmaster, & his wife, Olive, school governess
Crowe Street – property occupied but uninhabited
1 The Row, Alfred ?, indecipherable
2 The Row, Eliza Snow, & son Walter, horsekeeper on farm
3 The Row, Alfred Turner, nursery labourer
4 The Row, John Chapman, agricultural labourer
5 The Row, William Bentley ?, agricultural labourer
6 The Row, Fanny Brand , on parish relief
7 The Row, William Chapman, agricultural labourer
8 The Row, Elizabeth Brand ?, on parish relief
9 The Row, Robert Bonfield ?, shopkeeper
10 The Star, Edward Dixon, thatcher
11 The Star, Alfred Andrews, retired farmer ?
12 The Star, Caroline Snow, washerwoman
13 The Star, Arthur (indecipherable), agricultural labourer
14 The Star House, William Dixon, thatcher
15 High Street, William Camp, agricultural labourer
16 High Street, Arthur Snow, horsekeeper on farm
17 High Street, Lydia Dennison? , on parish relief
property uninhabited & unoccupied
1 High Street, Benjamin Ward, retired farmer
2 High Street, William Farrington?, grocer & shopkeeper
3 Malting Yard, George Clark, agricultural labourer
property uninhabited & unoccupied
High Street – uninhabited but occupied property
1 High Street, William Neville, journeyman shoemaker
2 Ivy Cottages, Rachel ?, dressmaker
3 High Street, John Boynton,  agricultural labourer
4 The Bell Inn, George Hornsby, harnessmaker & publican
5 Chickney Road, Mary Ann Snow on parish relief
6 Chickney Road, Joseph Bush, platelayer
property uninhabited but occupied
1 Chickney Road,  James W. Claydon,  agricultural labourer
2 Yarrow Hall, Peter Yarrow, farmer
3 Henley’s Farm, William Newman, farmer
4 Chickney Road, Henry Goss, retired police officer
5 Chickney Road, indecipherable, porter
property uninhabited but occupied
1 Chickney Road, John Hayden, journeyman blacksmith
2 Chickney Road, Frederick King, platelayer
3 Chickney Road, William Smith, agricultural labourer
property uninhabited and  unoccupied
1 Chickney Road, James Blake?, platelayer
2 The View, John Mitchell, retired millwright
3 The View, Frederick Fuller, retired sergeant
4 High Street, William White, agricultural labourer
5 High Street, John Dennison, agricultural labourer
6 Wood End Green, indecipherable, agricultural labourer
7 Wood End Green, John W. Snow, agricultural labourer
8 Wood End Green, Charles Willett, platelayer
9 Wood End Green, William ?, agricultural labourer
10 Wood End Green, ? Bush, butcher
11 Wood End Green, Walter ?, agricultural labourer
12 Wood End Green, Charles Willett, agricultural labourer
13 Wood End Green, Willet, agricultural labourer
14 Wood End Green, George Childs, gamekeeper
15 Green End Farm, Harry Greenwood ? , farmer
16 Wood End Green, George Brand, agricultural labourer
17 Wood End Green, John Dixon, shepherd & general labourer
1 Wood End Green, William ?, agricultural labourer
2 Wood End Green, Charles Blackwell, agricultural labourer
3 Wood End Green, Alfred Boulby?, poultry dealer
4 Wood End Green, John Blackwell, ?
5 Wood End Green, Abraham Smith, (road labourer – info from href=”mailto:fatcatmartinsmith@blueyonder.co.uk”>
Martin Smith his great great grandson)
6 Wood End Green, Sophia Salmon, market gardener
7 Wood End Green, William Willett, agricultural labourer
8 Wood End Green, Charles ?, agricultural labourer
9 Wood End Green, George Reed?, carpenter
10 Chickney Road, George Bush, market gardener
11 Chickney Road, George Turner, carpenter & wheelwright
12 Chickney Road, Thomas Markwell, fishmonger
13 Chickney Road, George Barker, horsekeeper on farm
14 Chickney Road, Elizabeth Smith, housekeeper
15 Chickney Road, George, horsekeeper on farm
16 Chickney Road, Allan ?, shepherd on farm
17 The Lodge Gate, Robert Marshall?, farm foreman
18 The Lodge Gate, Edward Powell, cattle stockman on farm
19 The Lodge Farm, John ?, farmer
20 ? Farm, Henry ?, horsekeeper on farm
property uninhabited but occupied
? Farm – property uninhabited and unoccupied
1 Little Henham Hall, Herbert ?, farmer
2 Little Henham, ? Fitch, shepherd on farm
The Jock Farm – property uninhabited but occupied
1 The Jock Farm, Joseph Sandford, foreman on farm
2 Little Henham, Edward Wilson, agricultural  labourer
property uninhabited and unoccupied
1 Little Henham, John Camp, horsekeeper on farm
2 North Hall Signal Box, Frederick Smith, signalman
3 North Hall Signal Box, Charles Allan, signalman
4 The Gatehouse, Herbert ?, platelayer
5 Old Mead Cottages, ? Brand, horsekeeper on farm
property uninhabited and unoccupied
1 Old Mead Farm, William ?, farmer
2 Station Road, Alfred W. White, horsekeeper on farm
property uninhabited and unoccupied
1 Station Road, Jonathan Smith, retired police officer
2 Coal Depot?, James ?, coal porter
3 Broom Farm, Allan Joyce, farmer
4 Stansted Road, Samuel Robinson?, joiner & carpenter
5 Stansted Road, Daniel Robinson, builder
6 Ivy Cottage, William ?, grocer & shopkeeper
Stansted Road property being built
Stansted Road uninhabited but occupied property
1 Stansted Road, John Robinson, shoemaker
Villa Royal uninhabited but occupied property
Park Road uninhabited but occupied property
1 Park Road, Harriet Wisby, living on own means
2 Park Road, Arthur ?, electrical engineer’s fitter
3 Park Road, Thomas ?, ?
4 Park House, Sarah Wright, living on own means
5 Park House, Martin Dean, station porter
6 Park Road, John Whiting, police constable
7 Elsenham Post Office, John ?, sub postmaster
8 Stansted Road, ? Chapman, railway signalman
9 Cycle Shop, Edward ?, cycle agent
10 The Crown, Thomas Mascall, innkeeper & coal dealer
11 The Crown, Kitty Robinson, grocer & shopkeeper
property being built
Elsenham Road, Mary Ann ?, living on own means
Pennington Hall, Beatrix Marshall, living on own means
Pennington hall (house), Alfred Grypps?, gamekeeper
Sandpits – property not occupied
1 Sandpits Farm, James Bolden ?, horsekeeper on farm
Sandpits – property not occupied
1 Mill House, John Brown, farmer
2 Plegdon Hall, William Newport?, farmer
3 Plegdon Hall Cottage, Arthur ?, foreman on farm
4 Plegdon Hall Cottage, William ?, cattle stockman on farm
5 Plegdon Green, Alfred Neville, shepherd
6 Plegdon Green, Thomas ?, journeyman carpenter
7 Plegdon Green, William Foster, journeyman bricklayer
8 Plegdon Green, Charles Sage, bricklayer’s labourer
9 Plegdon Green, James Mumford, cattle stockman on farm
10 Plegdon Green, William Clarke, agricultural labourer
11 Plegdon Green, Thomas Clarke, agricultural labourer
12 Plegdon Green, James Reynolds, agricultural labourer
13 Plegdon Green, Samuel Clarke, agricultural labourer
14 Plegdon Green, John Bush, horsekeeper on farm