About This Site

Bill Bates began the village web site in 2000. We began to submit articles to him at http://www.henham.org.

Over the years more historical items have been forwarded to the website so Bill decided it was time to create a second dedicated website.

As deputy editor and with an interest in local history, it was decided that I would run the historical village website “Bygone Henham”. I have ‘provisionally’ decided that the cut-off date is 1950 so allowing us to get the older material up on the site first. The site continued to grow so fast that we needed to get our own site and domain name in 2006.

By Spring 2008, the site comprised over 1,500 pages of A4 and had over 500 images of village life including maps, people, shops, events and documents. Now in 2014 the site has 291 webpages (some will each fill 25 pages of A4) and more than 7,022 images. We’ve also moved through web design from nvu to Microsoft Frontpage, to WordPress and now to Dreamweaver.

This website does not conduct research on behalf of someone looking for friends and family originating in Henham. However, I have added to the useful links some websites relating to genealogy research, to begin research into your family history. We will also try to alert readers to other visitors who are researching the same family names. I am always looking for old village photographs, documents and objects so please send copies of any you wish to be added to the site.

Please use the e-mail to send a message.