Burial Records 1930 to 1989

The following table of burial date details is taken from a record book once belonging to Ralph Victor Turner of ‘Wyndies’ in Crow Street. Ralph was both a builder and undertaker in Henham. His book is now part of his daughter Gill Turner’s estate and we are very grateful to her family for their permission to reproduce the contents. The symbol * signifies the burial of ashes other than in the Garden of Remembrance. The period covered is 1930 – 1989 inclusive.

Images of the gravestones

SurnameForenameYearDate Plot No
ACKLANDGrace Mary197520th Mar498
ALLENPhyllis Kathleen19793rd May499
AUBURNEmma195030th April
AYRESGeorge194727th Mar
AYRESJabez194320th Mar
BAILEYPaul Arthur Gregory19433rd Feb134
BAMBRIDGELeonard Alfred George197619th Jan511
BAMBRIDGEEllen Louise Elizabeth197822nd June* 511
BANISTEREleanor Kate194929th Sept85
BANISTERKathleen Bassett197818th Feb85
BARKERClara196016th Sept84
BARKERFrank19497th Oct84
BARKERArthur195413th Dec119
BARKWAYLilian198419th JanGR 33
BARLTROPAlice Eliza193728th Dec176
BARLTROPAllan193811th Jan176
BARLTROPElijah196223rd Nov327
BARLTROPFrank Edward197613th Feb399
BARLTROPMary Rosa197316th Mar399
BARNARDClifford19317th Sept
BARNESFrancis196827th Feb*
BARNESJohn Henry195815th Dec
BARRCatherine Chapman194522nd Sept
BAYNESKate Elizabeth195816th Oct52
BAYNESMartin196320th Feb52
BEASLEYFlorence Lydia195421st Dec74
BEASLEYWilliam John196030th May74
BENDALLHerbert194921st Mar86
BENDALLMary Ann Charlotte19497th July86
BENNETTMabel Caroline198116th AprilGR 16
BENTLEYAmy19565th Dec165
BENTLEYWilliam John19381st Dec165
BENTLEYFred193417th Mar204
BENTLEYCharles Frederick197814th Sept512
BENTLEYJoseph Ernest194110th Jan
BENTLEYSarah Jane193622nd Oct
BESWICKHarry Joseph193413th April201
BLACKWELLAda Emma194517th Sept102
BLACKWELLAlbert William195527th May
BLACKWELLAlice Ellen195329th Jan
BOLDENFlorence Mary194022nd May
BOLDENLeonard195322nd Feb
BOWMANEthel196915th Oct10
BOXERWilliam James194021st Sept148
BOYTONAnthony Michael198511th OctGR 24
BRANDCharles196031st May48
BRANDChristopher19711st Feb444
BRANDEmily Elizabeth197212th Feb444
BRANDElizabeth19418th July
BRANDGeorge19339th Nov
BRENTLEYRebecca193310th May
BROOKSEsther196426th Oct16
BROOKSJames Willis19518th Dec218
BROOKSFrederick19317th Feb
BURTONDiana Margaret198216th April364
BUSHFlorence197529th Mar122
BUSHWiliiam James194322nd Jan122
BUSHJessie193924th June166
BUSHEmma19622nd Feb248
BUSHJim194921st Mar248
BUSHLaura Emiline196022nd June248
BUTTERWICKFrederick Charles193215th June
CALDERKenneth Charles198313th FebGR 23
CAMPRichard John198926th July3
CAMPThomas William19671st April7
CAMPAlbert Ernest19632nd Jan26
CAMPHester Florence196921st Jan77
CAMPAlbert Walter195013th May79
CAMPLily Elizabeth198626th Feb79
CAMPFrederick William19443rd Mar124
CAMPJane194028th Oct150
CAMPFrederick Charles193629th Aug185
CAMPAlfred William193523rd May194
CAMPAnnie196813th April194
CAMPMary Ann19467th Mar257
CAMPEvelyn May19762nd April519
CAMPGeorge William197821st June519
CAMPCharles Henry193314th Mar
CHILTONEmily Susan195010th Nov149
CHILTONJohn Henry194017th Oct149
CLARKRobert William196129th July34
CLARKAlfred195210th Oct146
CLARKKate194025th April168
CLARKGeorge193228th Jan
CLARKEAnn193728th Jan177
CLARKEMary Ann196615th April195
CLARKEEdward193814th Jan
CLAYDENEmma Elizabeth194210th Feb140
CLAYDENFrederick William19829th Jan400
CLAYDENAlbert Edward194330th Nov
CLAYDENJames William195325th Mar
COLLETTEleanor Frances19723rd MarGR 4
COLLETTThomas Archibald19723rd MarGR 4
CONROYLouisa Winifred196811th June
CONROYMichael Christopher196715th Feb
COOKSheila195323rd Jan137
COOPERCharles William19559th May60
COOPERDavid19703rd Aug453
COPPINSGeorge Nelson19677th Feb8
COPPINSJessie196715th Mar8
CORNELLJessica Kate198811th July347
CORNELLWalter Robert Claudius198230th Dec347
CORNELLWilliam19338th Nov
COTTAMIrene Constance197714th Sept516
COX-IFEGrace Darling Foster194614th Aug97
CROOKJohn198618th Sept365
DANCEElsie Eizabeth19752nd OctGR 9
DAYBeatrice Lily196215th Mar31
DAYWilliam198626th MarGR 25
DAYIrene198922nd MarGR 37
DENNISONJames19463rd Jan105
DEVILLEMary Ann193111th Aug
DICKENSONAgnes Louisa Maud19423rd Feb141
DIXONJean Winifred198931st Mar356
DIXONVictor198313th May356
DIXONIrene Doris198213th Jan373
DIXONEdward George197220th Sept408
DIXONElizabeth Alice19744th Feb408
DIXONMary Williamson197612th Feb515
DIXONEdward19321st Mar
DIXONHarriet193318th Oct
DOEHubert james198928th JanGR 35
DUCKWORTHEva Augusta19359th Nov291
DUNNHoratio James Rennie19405th June157
ELLAWAYSydney John197212th April417
ELLIOTCatherine Parker19319th July222
ENDERSBYRobert193414th Sept249
FETTERSJohn Joseph195422nd July83
FETTERSFlorence Ann19833rd Feb* 83
FISHWilliam John198326th April19
FISHERQueenie Twort196927th Mar19
FLEETGeorge195118th Jan75
FOSTERWilliam James193817th Sept183
FOSTERPercy Allen197311th July* 229
FOSTERRobert Willett195622nd Aug
FRASERSydney19808th AugGR 14
FRYFrederick Leonard197923rd May490
FRYMinnie Ethel Margaret197923rd May490
FRYETTJulia193228th Oct
FULCHERFred193620th May
GEDGEPauline Hilda Madeline198723rd Jul4
GIBLINFrederick George193827th June240
GOODCHILDBertram Hugh198114th JanGR 15
GOODCHILDMargaret Ruth19836th NovGR 15
GOODWINDavid195122nd Apr227
GOODWINPhyllis Marion198311th Oct333
GOODWINNicola Jane198621st NovGR 28
GOWINGRupert Dudley197627th FebGR 10
GRAHAMThomas Henry198830th SeptGR 34
GRAYFrederick Henry196818th June29
GUBBINSAlastair197131st AugGR 3
GUTTERIDGEDavid194527th June114
GUTTERRIDGEMargaret Elizabeth19509th Nov114
HARMANGeorge19331st Nov202
HARMANMargaret19331st Dec202
HARTGROVESidney Arthur194630th Mar106
HARTGROVEWalter William193315th Apr210
HARTGROVEMay Annie193217th Sep219
HARTGROVEMary Ann193614th Jul255
HARTGROVEMay Ann19323rd May
HARVEYCharles193010th Oct
HARVEYMarie Elizabeth193321st Dec
HAWTHORNEleanor Catherine196610th Feb13
HAWTHORNAmelia Rose198426th Nov337
HAYDENDaisy19626th Mar32
HAYDENJohn Edward194429th May120
HAYDENAlice Kathleen197325th Jan155
HAYDENAnthony Edwin19521st Mar155
HAYDENOwen19627th Feb155
HAYDENAgnes Ann193015th Mar223
HAYDENWilliam195822nd Jan300
HAYDENLeonard William198419th Sept355
HAYDENAnthony Edwin197330th Nov363
HAYDENAlbert Thomas197619th MarGR 11
HAYDENFanny198216th SeptGR 8
HAYDENWalter197529th AugGR 8
HAYDENAgnes Mary195329th Mar
HAYDENAudrey May19329th Mar
HAYDENIda May193419th Jul
HEARDMartha Elizabeth Annie194525th Jan111
HEARDEmily19354th Sep213
HEARDWalter193119th Aug213
HEARDAnnie195230th Dec264
HEARDReginald Claude Vernon198114th NovGR 17
HILLLeslie Lionel19796th Feb508
HILLMargaret Alice19817th Jul508
HILLJanet Alice194316th Aug
HILLIEREllen194929th Jan
HOLINSHEADEmily Bertha19804th Jul200
HOLLINGSWORTHJohn Donald Roy19653rd Jun14
HOLLINSHEADJohn Pixton195223rd Feb200
HOODDorothy Adeline197816th AprGR 12
INGOLDErnest Arthur194130th Aug143
INGOLDEdgar194021st Apr
JAGGARDErnest Walter19703rd Jun462
JAGGARDLily198130th Jan462
JAGGARDEmma196030th Apr
JAGGARDWilliam194923rd Apr
JUDDHerbert Arthur19794th May472
KELLETTJohn Philip195922nd Jan
KINGMaud Mary19852nd Aug66
KINGWalter195527th Dec66
KINGFrank Percival19507th Nov
KINGGerrow193415th Aug
KNIGHTCharles Albert198425th Aug382
KNOXGeorgina19683rd Dec41
KNOXJohn196120th Jan41
KNOXJohn George Johnston198927th Jul41
LAMMINRoy Joseph19828th OctGR 21
LAWSONAlice Harriett197328th Dec116
LAWSONHorace Christopher194711th Feb116
LEADERGeorgina Lucy194714th Feb96
MAHONEYEmily Julia197530th Apr507
MAITLANDJoseph Gerrard198020th Mar463
MARDLEMary Ann195025th June
MARKWELLCharlotte193326th May
MARSHALLJohn196116th Mar35
MARSHALLJane Annie19453rd Feb112
MARSHALLJane198311th Oct142
MARSHALLPercy Albert194122nd Dec142
MARSHALLBertha Mary196923rd Dec489
MARSHALLAlice Maud197126th JulGR 2
MARSHALLWilliam197126th JulGR 2
MEADMORENorman Thomas198320th MarGR 27
MEYNELLJohn Henry19798th MayGR 13
MEYNELLRuby Bertha19887th OctGR 13
MORGANMuriel Hungerford197322nd JulGR 5
MORRISHJohn194726th June
NAPIERHenry A. M.19625th Dec30
NAPIERCatherine Frances Sydney198728th May* 30
NEVILLEAlbert196529th Jan15
NEVILLEFlorence Maud197225th Oct49
NEVILLEWilliam James195931st Dec49
NEVILLEArthur195718th Oct53
NEVILLEEllen Louisa196218th Jun53
NEVILLEWilliam194029th Aug161
NEVILLEAlice194522nd Oct187
NEVILLEArthur19352nd Jan187
NEVILLEMargaret Rosa198617th Dec336
NEVILLEWalter Charles197416th Dec336
NEVILLELily Elizabeth197726th Mar*15
NEVILLEAlfred19514th Jan
NEVILLEEmma193018th Jan
NEVILLEHarriet Eliza19641st Oct
NEVILLEJames193111th Jul
NIXONErnest Edward Samuel194418th Feb
NOBESJohn195224th Jan209
NOBESMary Hannah194325th Feb209
NOSWORTHYRichard Stewart19779th Nov435
NOSWORTHYSybil19715th Feb435
ORGERElizabeth Frances196620th Dec
ORGEREllen Mary194327th Mar
ORMRODWilliam194320th May129
ORRElizabeth Ann G.19358th Jul192
ORRPatricia196014th Sept* 192
PALLANTEthel Emma196020th Jun
PALMERArthur196826th Apr5
PALMERRose Alice194216th Dec139
PALMERWalter196027th Aug139
PALMERJesse George193710th Apr
PANKHURSTMiles Rowan19662nd May
PARKERComfort193116th Jan
PARKERPansy193611th Feb
PEPPAMary Sophia195510th Jan
PILKINGTONEthel Mary195917th Sep50
PILKINGTONGeorge197525th Sept50
PILKINGTONAgnes Marshall195130th Jun164
PILKINGTONEdward Albert193912th Sept167
PILKINGTONJohn198226th Mar167
PILKINGTONKate E. G.194120th Jan167
PIMBLETTJohn19688th Apr164
PIMBLETTEllen Elizabeth193317th Jun221
PIMBLETTWilliam James19328th Apr221
PIMBLETTValerie Ann19679th May* 164
PODBURYCecil Victor194517th Aug115
PRESTONLeonard Francis19515th Mar236
PULLENElizabeth Ann19608th Jun44
READMartha197121st MayGR 1
READReginald197121st MayGR 1
REYNOLDSRosa Harriet196024th May178
REYNOLDSWalter George193618th Feb178
ROBERTSEliza194023rd Sep220
ROBERTSElizabeth19323rd Sep220
ROBSONAlfred Bernard193026th Jul256
ROBSONGertrude Anne196629th Jul256
ROOPEEmma194019th Aug159
ROWELLBlanche193617th Dec184
RUSSELLLeonard Harold19695th Sep11
SABANHilda Mary Anne19786th Jan345
SABANWilliam John19745th Nov345
SABANMyra Patricia197419th Apr354
SAGEAnnie194413th Jul
SAGEArthur193015th Mar
SALMONAlbert Charles196911th Dec23
SALMONDoris Marjorie196424th Mar23
SALMONCharles198523rd Jan381
SALMONRose Emma19739th Jul381
SAMPFORDBrian William19594th Sep51
SAMPFORDAlbert Edward198118th Sep409
SAMPFORDWalter19308th Feb
SANDFORDHenry19321st Jul205
SANDFORDJanet Alice19505th Jun205
SIMONSAgnes Emma196110th Aug93
SMITHAda Emma196826th Sep20
SMITHCharles197611th Aug20
SMITHAlfred194524th Dec104
SMITHChristiana196511th May104
SMITHCelia19523rd Dec123
SMITHWilliam James194311th Dec123
SMITHBertie Wisbey197428th Jul182
SMITHDorothy May Kate197612th Feb182
SMITHFlorence Gertrude19886th Oct372
SMITHLeslie Martin19736th Oct372
SMITHGeorge William19786th Mar426
SMITHLily Gertrude197130th Sep426
SMITHClara Florence19485th Mar
SMITHFrederick194012th Aug
SMITHMary195326th Feb
SMITHWalter Charles193318th Oct
SNOWLeonard Charles196416th Oct17
SNOWReginald Arthur19756th Feb17
SNOWAnne19641st Jan24
SNOWHerbert James196611th Jan24
SNOWArthur194022nd May156
SNOWSarah Ann195513th Jan156
SNOWReginald Bertie19808th Sep418
SNOWHilda May19808th Sep* 418
SNOWEllen Minnie195518th Jun
SNOWEmily1953/424th Jun
SNOWNelson Archer195815th Sep
STAINESAlice Amelia194424th Jun174
STAINESJohn19335th Nov174
STANNARDFrank William198618th Nov383
STENTAda Lilian Baccus198411th Oct346
STRETTONAlfred195817th Nov
SUCKLINGKate Emma19515th Feb245
SUCKLINGSalibury John19753rd Mar245
SWEENEYMichael John19821st DecGR 22
TAYLORLuke David19876th MarGR 29 (?)
TEMPLEAmy195626th Aug
THAKEWilliam Ezra198723rd ?Jun392
THORNArchie Jack194223rd Dec138
THORNEllen Mary197016th Jan480
TIMMINSAda Martha195913th Jun152
TIMMINSJoseph194117th Apr152
TOFTSNellie195625th Jul57
TREACHEREleanor19415th Apr151
TREACHERTom19706th Mar151
TUCKBeatrice Maude193421st Apr195
TURNERCharles Thomas19617th Feb40
TURNERCatherine Emily197316th Oct158
TURNERNathan194021st Aug158
TURNERMay197413th Dec276
TURNERRalph Victor197529th May276
TURNERWilliam Charles193420th Oct
Van DRIESSCHETheodule Leopold G.197016th Feb471
Van OOSTEtienne Richard B.194021st Sep147
VAUGHANReginald Anthony198115th NovGR 20
WALKERSydney198125th NovGR 18
WARDAgnes Mary19532nd Apr
WARNERKate Eliza196424th Apr22
WARNERThomas196728th Sep22
WARNERClifford George196114th Aug33
WARNERAnnie Bertha197817th Mar390
WARNERArthur John19731st Jun390
WARNERWalter Thomas198223rd Mar* 22
WARNERAlbert Frederick19869th NovGR 16
WARNERGeorge193615th Feb
WARNERMartha19357th Feb
WARNERSusan194731st Mar
WEBSTERFrederick Charles19648th Oct
WHITEAlbert Charles197224th Aug6
WHITEMabel Lydia19684th Apr6
WHITECharles196311th Mar65
WHITEMary Lydia195518th Jan65
WHITEAlfred William19375th May
WICKHAMFrederick J. R.196318th Nov25
WILLANDAnnie194828th Jul107
WILLARDCharles Thomas19623rd Jan107
WILLETTAlice Lily195713th Apr56
WILLETTHerbert Sweeting195827th Feb56
WILLETTAnnie Priscilla194813th Sep88
WILLETTPercy19734th Sep88
WILLETTGeorge Richard197724th Mar520
WILLETTAlbert Robert195513th Jan
WILLIAMSKathleen May19888th May* 155
WILLIAMSONFrancis Herbert194512th Dec103
WILSONElizabeth Willington193116th Jun
WINMILLAnn Mary195620th Sep
WINMILLCharles Canning194515th Jan
WISBEYAubrey19743rd JulGR 6
WISBEYFlorence Elizabeth197819th JulGR 6
WOODFlorence195620th Jun113
WOODGeorge William194516th May113
WRIGHTHerbert James19432nd Mar133
WRIGHTLouisa Harriet194318th Mar133
WRIGHTDonald Raymond Arnold198229th Apr391
WRIGHTNorman William198028th May481
WYNNEEunice197523rd MayGR 7
YARROWAlfred196419th Feb39
YARROWEmily Clara196122nd Feb39
YARROWGladys Maud198714th Jul401