Chickney Parish Records

By 1893 the population of Chickney had declined to only a few dozen so the church ceased the registration of christenings, marriages and deaths and merged with Broxted.

The following 3 tables are compilations of christenings, marriages and deaths recorded in church registers and subsequently taken from and International Genealogical Index (IGI). The IGI source is reprinted by kind permission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Copyright (c) 1999 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc

Births and Christenings, 1538-1975 

Marriages and deaths are further down the table

AngellElizabeth08 Mar 1677William Angell, Susanna
AngellJohn14 Aug 16William Angell, Susanna
AngellSusanna23 Feb 1674William Angell, Susanna
AngellWilliam08 Apr 1689William Angell, Susan
ArcherAbigaill25 Sep 1648Thomas Archer, Elizabeth
ArcherEphraim10 Sep 1651Thomas Archer, Elizabeth21 Nov 1653
ArcherSarai15 May 1650Thomas Archer, Elizabeth
BarkerElizabeth04 Mar 1764James Barker, Mary
BarkerGeorge19 Mar 1758James Barker, Mary
BarkerJames17 JulÊ 1796Mark Barker, Susannah
BarkerJames24 Mar 1754James Barker, Mary
BarkerJenny01 Nov 1761James Barker, Mary
BarkerMark24 Aug 1766James Barker, Mary
BarkerMary01 Nov 1761James Barker, Mary
BarkerMary29 Dec 1799James Barker, Mary
BarkerThomas06 Jun 1756James Barker, Mary
BarkerWilliam24 Feb 1760James Barker, Mary
BassHannah11 Aug 1793William Bass, Milly
BassMary24 Feb 1799William Bass, Millicent
BaynesAnn17 Feb 1754John Baynes, Hannah
BaynesGeorge06 Jun 1756John Baynes, Hannah
BaynesJohn08 Jun 1744John Baynes, Hannah
BaynesMary26 Jun 1748John Baynes, Hannah
BaynesRichard22 Jul 1759John Baynes, Hannah
BaynesThomas04 May 1746John Baynes, Hannah
BaynesWilliam29 Sep 1751John Baynes, Hannah
BennetElizabeth06 Jan 1583David Bennet
Bifertch or BiferldeMargaret27 Oct 1674William Bifertch or Biferlde, Mary
BradfordJames09 Sep 1705John Bradford, Susanna
BradfordJohn29 Sep 1704John Bradford, Susanna02 Nov 1704
BrittainAnn29 May 1709Thomas Brittain, Sarah
BrittainJohn08 Nov 1706Thomas Brittain, Sarah
BrittainJudith22 Apr 1715Thomas Brittain, Sarah07 Sep 1715
BrittainWilliam09 Dec 1711Thomas Brittain, Sarah
BrittonThomas13 Oct 1716Thomas Britton, Sarah
BrockElizabeth07 Nov 1613William Brock
BrowneAnne13 Feb 1643George Browne, Mary
BrowneJane14 Apr 1645George Browne, Mary
BushAnn14 Sep 1788Thomas Bush, Elizabeth
BushElizabeth15 Jul 1781Thomas Bush, Elizabeth
BushJames15 Apr 1798Thomas Bush, Elizabeth
BushJohn06 Mar 1562John Bush
BushJohn10 Apr 1785Thomas Bush, Elizabeth
BushMary13 May 1787Thomas Bush, Elizabeth
BushMilly18 Jan 1794Thomas Bush, Elizabeth
BushSusannah03 Jul 1791Thomas Bush, Elizabeth
BushWilliam28 Jun 1795Thomas Bush, Elizabeth
ButlerMary17 Mar 1621Giles Butler, Margerie
ByfieldWilliam1675William Byfield, Mary
CampWilliam02 Jun 1805John Camp, Sarah
ChaplingeMary02 Jan 1680Thomas Chaplinge, Jane
ChapmanJohn22 Mar 1703Edward Chapman, Margaret
ChoppingMary06 Sep 1761William Chopping, Elizabeth
ChoppingWilliam11 Feb 1757William Chopping, Elizabeth
ClarkJohn06 Apr 1798Thomas Clark, Mary
ClarkMary04 Jul 1792Thomas Clark & Mary
ClarkeElizabeth21 Aug 1795Thomas Clarke, Mary
ClarkeJohn06 Jan 1744John Clarke, Elizabeth
ClarkeMary05 Dec 1733James Clarke, Sibella
ClarkeThomas26 Dec 1793Thomas Clarke, Mary
CollinBartholomew24 Aug 1587Philip Collin
CollinElinor03 Mar 1560Henry Collin
CollinElizabeth08 Apr 1593Philip Collin
CollinEzehias07 Aug 1614Nicholas Collin
CollinGrace22 Oct 1566Henry Collin
CollinHenry12 Aug 1585Philip Collin
CollinHenry22 Jan 1555Henry Collin
CollinJames22 Sep 1641James Collin, Sarah
CollinJane15 Oct 1564Henry Collin
CollinJohn08 Sep 1554Henry Collin
CollinKenelm03 Jun 1563Henry Collin
CollinLaurence19 Oct 1589Philip Collin
CollinMargory19 Sep 1570Henry Collin
CollinMary05 Oct 1561Henry Collin
CollinMary31 Mar 1560John Collin
CollinNicholas06 Aug 1558Henry Collin
CollinPhilip21 May 1586Philip Collin
CollinPhilip22 May 1557Henry Collin
CollinWilliam12 Apr 1561John Collin
CollinWilliam17 Jul 1620Nicholas Collin, Jane
CornelJohn09 Mar 1736Richard Cornel, Mary
CornelSusanna18 Jul 1731Richard Cornel, Mary28 Jul 1731
CornellDinah17 Jul 1734Richard Cornell, Mary
CornellRichard08 Dec 1733Richard Cornell, Mary
CornhilJohn17 Mar 1750Mary Cornhil
CranfeeldMary03 Jun 1687Thomas Cranfield, Mary
CranfieldRosanna01 Nov 1698Thomas Cranfield, Mary
Cranfield or JohnsonMaria18 Mar 1714Thomas Johnson, Mary Cranfield
DellarJames19 Oct 1806Mathew Dellar, Sibilla
DellowJohn06 Jul 1701Charles Dellow, Elizabeth
EldredAnn25 Apr 1691William Eldred, Elizabeth08 Jun 1693
EldredDorothea07 May 1692William Eldred, Elizabeth
EldredHannah29 Dec 1765James Eldred, Mary17 Feb 1771
EldredHugh08 Feb 1696William Eldred, Elizabeth
EldredMargaret04 Apr 1695William Eldred, Elizabeth12 Jul 1698
EldredMary14 Nov 1762James Eldred, Mary
EldredThomas11 Dec 1693William Eldred, Elizabeth
ElldredElizabeth26 Nov 1676William Elldred, Elizabeth
ElldredEmanuell16 Dec 1687William Elldred, Elizabeth
ElldredJames30 Sep 1684William Elldred, Elizabeth
ElldredJohn22 Jul 1679William Elldred, Elizabeth
ElldredMary18 Jun 1682William Elldred, Elizabeth
ElldredSarah05 Mar 1686William Elldred, Elizabeth
ElldredWilliam20 Mar 1677William Elldred, Elizabeth
FitchElizabeth11 May 1718James Fitch, Elizabeth
FlackeRobert20 Feb 1625Robert Flacke, Grissell or Griagon
Flacke14 Apr 1623Robert Flacke
FranklinJames12 Jan 1766Henry Franklin, Anne
FranklingAnn18 Jul 1762Henry Frankling, Ann
FranklynHenry26 Feb 1764Henry Franklyn, Ann
GervisAlice06 Jul 1561William Gervis
GervisHenry23 Feb 1557Thomas Gervis
GervisThomas23 Dec 1554William Gervis03 Feb 1560
GlascockElizabeth02 May 1773Thomas Glascock, Elizabeth
GlascockElizabeth05 Oct 1557William Glascock
GlascockJane03 Mar 1560William Glascock
GlascockMargaret13 Jun 1555William Glascock
GlasscockSall.14 Oct 1770Thomas Glasscock, Elizabeth
GlasscockSarah24 Feb 1760Thomas Glasscock, Elizabeth02 Mar 1760
GlasscockThomas10 Jan 1762Thomas Glasscock, Elizabeth
GooseWilliam26 Aug 1686John Goose, Sarah
GroutEllenor18 Sep 1638Richard Grout, Ellener21 Sep 1638
GroutJohn29 Jun 1643Richard Grout, Ellener
GroutMary01 Dec 1641Richard Grout, Ellenor
GroutRichard20 May 1640Richard Grout, Ellener
GunJohn11 Sep 1791William Gun, Ann
GunMary10 Dec 1790William Gun, Ann
HaggarMary03 Dec 1790Richard Haggar, Ann
HaggarWilliam27 May 1787Richard Haggar, Ann
HaggerAnn11 Jun 1797Richard Hagger, Ann
HaggerJoseph11 Jun 1797Richard Hagger, Ann
HaggerStephen12 Feb 1792Richard Hagger, Ann
HammondAnn02 Dec 1744John Hammond, Sarah29 Oct 1746
HammondElisabeth31 May 1724John Hammond, Sarah
HammondElizabeth27 Dec 1741John Hammond, Sarah
HammondJohn25 Dec 1726John Hammond, Sarah03 Mar 1730
HammondJohn29 Oct 1732John Hammond, Sarah
HammondJohn30 Mar 1735John Hammond, Sarah
HammondMary24 Aug 1580Richard Hammond
HammondMichael02 Apr 1738John Hammond, Sarah
HammondPhilemon04 Oct 1607Philemon Hammond
HammondPhilemon20 Jan 1582Richard Hammond
HammondSarah29 Mar 1730John Hammond, Sarah
HammondWilliam06 Jan 1578Richard Hammond
HammondWilliam26 Mar 1722John Hammond, Sarah
HampsonElizabeth12 Apr 1666John Hampson, Susanna
HampsonMabella02 Jul 1662John Hampson, Susanna
HawardArther08 Oct 1677Thomas Haward, Mary30 Oct 1677
HawardMartha12 Apr 1674Thomas Haward, Mary
Haward or WollyardMary27 Apr 1681Thomas Haward or Wollyard
Haward or WoollwardMary25 Nov 1688Thomas Haward or Woollward, Mary
Haward or WoollwardThomas06 Oct 1675Thomas Haward or Woollward, Mary
HaydonHenry01 Feb 1723Henry Haydon, Mary
HaydonHenry12 Jan 1724Henry Haydon, Mary
HaydonMary30 Jan 1727Henry Haydon, Mary
HeartDaniel02 May 1665John Heart, Anne
HodsonneRichard09 Dec 1623Thomas Hodsonne, Susanna
Howland06 Apr 1623Robert Howland
HumfreyWilliam23 Aug 1607John Humfrey
HutchinsonElinor27 May 1557Thomas Hutchinson
HutchinsonFrances09 Feb 1594Nicholas Hutchinson
HutchinsonJane11 Jul 1591Nicholas Hutchinson
HutchinsonMargaret14 Aug 1576Thomas Hutchinson
HutchinsonMary11 Mar 1603Nicholas Hutchinson
HutchinsonNicholas29 May 1597Nicholas Hutchinson
HutchinsonNicholas31 Jul 1566Thomas Hutchinson
HutchinsonRadulph08 Nov 1579Thomas Hutchinson
HutchinsonRichardÊJun 1564Thomas Hutchinson20 Mar 1565
HutchinsonSusan02 Dec 1599Nicholas Hutchinson
HutchinsonThomas01 Dec 1601Nicholas Hutchinson
HutchinsonThomasin23 Aug 1561Thomas Hutchinson12 Feb 1567
HutcinsonMargaret23 Aug 1559Thomas Hutcinson
IngramElizabeth25 Sep 1608Gabriel Ingram
JarvisAndrew18 Sep 1743William Jarvis, Elizabeth
JarvisAnn01 Feb 1767Martha Jarvis
JarvisHannah26 Jul 1741William Jarvis, Elizabeth
JarvisJoseph05 Apr 1747William Jarvis, Elizabeth
JarvisRichard23 Aug 1761Martha Jarvis
JarvisSarah21 Dec 1739John Jarvis, Mary
Jarvis or TravellerJames28 May 1769Richard Traveller, Martha Jarvis26 May 1770
JervisElisabeth07 Mar 1730William Jervis, Elisabeth
JervisMartha12 Mar 1737William Jervis, Mary
JervisMartha20 Mar 1736John Jervis, Mary
JervisMary06 Jul 1735John Jervis, Mary
JervisSarah29 Oct 1732William Jervis, Elisabeth
JervisWilliam06 Jun 1736William Jervis, Mary
John BrittainThomas10 Feb 1704Thomas Brittain, Sarah
LongeJane24 Aug 1595William Longe
LongeJohan08 Oct 1592William Longe
MarshalThomas18 Nov 1750Thomas Marshal, Judith05 Jan 1755
MarshallGeorge20 Sep 1761Thomas Marshall, Judith
MarshallJohn30 Aug 1752Thomas Marshall, Judith
MarshallMary01 Apr 1759Thomas Marshall, Judith
MarshallRichard22 Dec 1754Thomas Marshall, Judith
Marshall12 Jun 1757Thomas Marshall, Judith
MichiellDorothy19 May 1622William Michiell, Frances
MichiellFrances18 Nov 1628William Michiell, Frances
MichiellJohn13 Jun 1626William Michiell, Frances
MichiellWilliam24 May 1624William Michiell, Frances
MoorJohn19 Sep 1715John Moor, Mary
MoorMary19 Oct 1731John Moor, Mary
MoorRichard20 Apr 1725John Moor, Mary
MoorRobert12 Aug 1711John Moor, Mary
MoorSamuel06 Jan 1717John Moor, Mary
MoorSarah08 Mar 1719John Moor, Mary
Moor or BarkerRobert05 Apr 1719Thomas Barker, Mary Moor
MooreMary16 Aug 1702John Moore, Mary
MooreThomas14 Apr 1727John Moore, Mary
MooreWilliam26 Mar 1723John Moore, Mary
MoreAgnes09 Jan 1570Robert More
MoreAliceÊNov 1573William More
MoreAliceÊSep 1570Thomas More
MoreElisabeth18 Jun 1706John More, Mary
MoreElizabeth25 Apr 1567Thomas More
MoreHenry25 Apr 1582Robert More
MoreJoan08 Sep 1563Robert More
MoreJoan16 Sep 1565Thomas More
MoreJohn15 Sep 1577Robert More
MoreMargery06 Jul 1562Robert More
MoreMary25 Feb 1576Robert More
MoreRobert01 Sep 1568Thomas More
MoreRobert17 May 1578Robert More
MoreSusan23 Jun 1580Robert More
MoreThomas21 Feb 1575Thomas More
MoreWilliam24 Aug 1569Robert More
MorrellArthur03 Mar 1712John Morrell, Anna19 Mar 1712
MumfordThomas16 Apr 1665Arther Mumford, Mary
MunshallAnne23 Apr 1692Thomas Munshall, Anne
MunshallMildred26 Nov 1702Richard Munshall, Ellen
MunshallSamuel14 Jun 1696Thomas Munshall, Anne
MunshellJudah31 Mar 1689Thomas Munshell, Judah
MunshellWilliam10 Apr 1687Thomas Munshell, Judah
NewmanJohn27 Sep 1724John Newman
NewmanMary22 Aug 1619Robert Newman, Marie
PainAnn22 Apr 1720Simon Pain, Mary
PainJohn13 Oct 1717Simon Pain, Mary
PainMary12 Apr 1713Simon Pain, Mary
PhilipsElizabeth05 Feb 1680Joseph Philips, Mary
PhilipsJoseph05 Jun 1685Joseph Philips, Mary
PhilipsMary10 Feb 1683Joseph Philips, Mary
PlaileElinor09 Jan 1585Henry Plaile
PlaileHenry10 Nov 1588Henry Plaile
PorterJane12 Aug 1746Samuel Porter, Esther
PorterSamuel26 Jul 1752Samuel Porter, Esther
RichardsonJames12 Aug 1798William Richardson, Sarah
RichardsonJohn24 Jun 1770James Richardson, Sarah
RichardsonMary19 Feb 1797William Richardson, Sarah
RichardsonMary28 Jan 1776James Richardson, Sarah
RichardsonSarah21 Oct 1766James Richardson, Sarah
Richardson12 Jul 1778James Richardson, Sarah
RichinsonJames09 May 1773James Richinson, Sarah
RobsonEdward28 Feb 1696John Robson, Elianor15 Aug 1698
SapsfordElizabeth17 Apr 1743Thomas Sapsford, Mary
SapsfordJohn07 Sep 1746Thomas Sapsford, Mary
SapsordSusanna01 Jan 1737Thomas Sapsford, Mary
SapsordThomas06 Jul 1735Thomas Sapsford, Mary
ScoolingeJohn22 Mar 1584Robert Scoolinge
ScoolingeMargaret28 Feb 1596Robert Scoolinge
ScoolingeMatthew24 Sep 1587Robert Scoolinge
ScoolingeWilliam10 Aug 1589Robert Scoolinge
SeabrightElizabeth03 May 1747Thomas Seabright, Ann
SeabrightFrances05 Jun 1743Thomas Seabright, Ann
SeabrightJohn01 Dec 1734Thomas Seabright, Ann
SeabrightThomas24 Dec 1738Thomas Seabright, Anne
SebrightSarah16 Jan 1736Thomas Sebright, Anne
SellenElisabeth28 Sep 1729Nathaniel Sellen, Dennis
SellenMary25 Jul 1731Nathaniel Sellen, Dennis
ShedJames22 Apr 1787William Shed, Sarah
ShelfordMathew25 Feb 1636James Shelford, Elizabeth19 Mar 1636
SmithElizabeth25 Feb 1770Joseph Smith, Sarah
SmithJoseph19 May 1771Joseph Smith, Sarah
SmithRichard15 Nov 1772Joseph Smith, Sarah
SmithSarah29 May 1767Joseph Smith, Sarah06 Jun 1770
SmithSarah30 Apr 1775Joseph Smith, Sarah
SnellHenry23 Jul 1562James Snell
SparrowSarah08 Mar 1719Richard Sparrow
SpilmanSusan19 Feb 1567William Spilman
StainesWilliam07 Jun 1741Joseph Staines, Ann
StainsJames03 Oct 1784Joseph Stains, Mary
StanesHenry26 Mar 1723James Stanes, Sarah21 Apr 1723
StanesHester11 Dec 1719James Stanes, Sarah
StanesJames31 Jul 1721James Stanes, Sarah
StanesJoseph18 Jun 1738Joseph Stanes, Anne
StanesSarah08 Jun 1726James Stanes, Sarah
StanesThomas02 Oct 1724James Stanes, Sarah
StooneSusanna09 Jan 1686James Stoone, Mabella
TabrahamJane20 Dec 1664Arthur Tabraham, Anne
TabrahamMary12 May 1663Arther Tabraham, Anne
TabrumArther23 Sep 1675Arthur Tabrum
TabrumEdmund05 Nov 1673Arthur Tabrum, Anne
TabrumLidda07 Mar 1669Arther Tabrum, Ann
TabrumRobert15 Jan 1667Arthur Tabrum, Ann
TrootOlly03 Dec 1786Robert Troot, Jenny
TrottMary09 Nov 1783Robert Trott, Jenny
TurnerRichard17 Jun 1581Raffe Turner
WallerMary17 Mar 1744William Waller, Elizabeth
WallerWilliam07 May 1749William Waller, Elizabeth
WellesEdmond18 Feb 1637Mark Welles, Judith
WellesElener04 Dec 1643Mark Welles, Judith
WellesMark15 Feb 1628Mark Welles, Grace
WellesMary02 Feb 1639Mark Welles, Judith
WellesMary03 Jul 1641Mark Welles, Judith
WellesPhilip10 Jun 1633Mark Welles, Judith
WellesRobert08 Feb 1634Mark Welles, Judith
WellesThomas06 May 1636Mark Welles, Judith
WhaleAgnes10 Oct 1614Jonas Whale
WhaleAnna29 Dec 1584Philemon Whale
WhaleElizabeth31 Jan 1593Philemon Whale
WhaleHenry15 Jan 1586Philemon Whale
WhaleJohn08 Apr 1601Philemon Whale
WhaleJohn09 Jan 1596Philemon Whale
WhaleJonas28 Oct 1582Philemon Whale
WhaleMargaret10 May 1590Philemon Whale
WhaleMary02 Oct 1603Philemon Whale
WhaleMary24 Aug 1618Jonas Whale, Frances
WhalePhilemon27 May 1599Philemon Whale
WhalePhilemon30 Oct 1610Jonas Whale
WhaleSara08 Jul 1588Philemon Whale
WhaleSara24 Jun 1616Jonas Whale
WhaleSusan04 Oct 1612Jonas Whale
WhaleSusan20 Dec 1583Philemon Whale
WhisbyJane01 Apr 1750Charles Whisby, Mary
WhisbyRichard10 Mar 1754Charles Whisby, Mary
WhisbyThomas20 Oct 1751Charles Whisby, Mary
WibrowElizabeth31 Jul 1720William Wibrow, Elizabeth
WillisHenry02 Mar 1805Steel Willis, Mary
WillisThomas01 Jul 1810Steel Willis, Mary
WoodBethia15 Apr 1673Henry Wood, Margeret
WoodHenry05 Dec 1670Henry Wood, Margeret
WoodJohn26 Jan 1674Henry Wood, Margaret
WoodSamuel14 Nov 1677Henry Wood, Margaret
Woollward or HawardMary02 Apr 1645Arthur Woollward or Haward, Mary
Wren or EldredSarah20 Jan 1702William Eldred, Sarah Wren
WrightJeremiah08 Jan 1654William Wright, Elizabeth
WrightMary08 Jan 1654William Wright, Elizabeth
Marriages, 1538 -1973
AdcockeElizabeth06 Jan 1621Luis Page
AiesElizabeth03 Aug 1617Thomas Watson
AlettMargaret04 Jul 1710Mathew Palmer
AlldredgeMargaret03 Nov 1628James Maycrowe
AndrewesAnne03 May 1620Richard King
ArcherMary24 Apr 1718Thomas Playl
BaconHenry22 Sep 1687Mary Chalke
BaconJoan1561John Bush
BalthropMary10 Oct 1714Thomas Lammon
BanyeardDorothe14 Mar 1666Jud
BarkerElizabeth24 Oct 1807Peter Holloway
BarkerJohn20 Oct 1702Mary Bush
BarkerMary29 Aug 1784Joseph Staines
BarkerSusanna09 Apr 1672William Gurton
Barker20 Jun 1799Mary Richardson
BarnardWilliam03 Oct 1784Ann Frankham
BattrupFrances31 Mar 1662William Weab
BawcockMargaret12 Oct 1606Robert Tomson
BaysieMary25 Jul 1619Isaac Portway
Bernard21 Oct 1727Mary Eldred
BettsPhillip14 Jan 1709Elizabeth Tabor
BoldonSarah08 Nov 1796Richen
BonnsEdward12 Jan 1723Mary Nottage
BowtellJohan02 Oct 1608George Winterflowde
BrewsSarah28 Jul 1665John Edwards
BrittonAnne22 Feb 1737Robert Poulter
BrooksRichard05 Aug 1764Ann Carter
BrownJohn03 Oct 1699Sarah Squire
BrowneElizabeth31 Mar 1635John Humphrey
BushJohn1561Joan Bacon
BushMargaret29 Oct 1560William Smith
BushMary20 Oct 1702John Barker
ByattJohn20 Dec 1763Sarah Humphrey
ByfeeldMary05 Jun 1684Wissbie
CarterAnn05 Aug 1764Richard Brooks
CasseEdwin16 Sep 1623Ellin Numan
ChalkeMary22 Sep 1687Henry Bacon
ChoppinWilliam11 Oct 1754Elizabeth Eldred
ChoppingDennis30 Sep 1728Nathaniel Sellen
ChoppingWilliam29 Sep 1754Elizabeth Eldred
ClarkJames10 Nov 1768Mary Piper
ClarkJohn10 Aug 1744Elizabeth Wilson
ClarkSusanna21 Sep 1779James Foster
ClarkeHannah16 Sep 1729Henry Haydon
ClarkeHester06 Oct 1726David Franklin
ClarkeJames06 Apr 1769Susanna Frankham
ClarkeJames28 Dec 1731Sibilla Clarke
ClarkeMary24 Jul 1750Thomas Frankham
ClarkeSibilla28 Dec 1731James Clarke
ClarkeSibilly02 Nov 1804Mathew Dellow
CoeShadrach24 Sep 1706Anne Scotcher
CollinAnna04 Feb 1627Richard Woodley
CollinElizabeth16 Jan 1597Thomas Horwood
CollinMary08 Sep 1584John
CollinPinlippe21 Oct 1582Jane Porter
Collin16 Jan 1559Marie Winterfloude
CollinsElinor11 Jan 1579Radulph Turner
CooteJohn03 Jun 1605Ellen Munshall
CornelJane05 Nov 1728Lambert Savil
Crow26 Sep 1670Mary Speller
CurtisElizabeth05 Oct 1730William Jervis
Day or Quy, spinsterSarah28 Mar 1827Thomas Nottage of Henham, batchelor
DellonCharlesOct 1700Elizabeth Payn
DellowMathew02 Nov 1804Sibilly Clarke
DennesseFrancis10 May 1685Elizabeth Robson
DennisUrsula06 Mar 1634Symond Payne
DennisWilliam30 Dec 1721Sarah Sorrel
DennisonWilliam22 Sep 1702Sarah Draper
DraperSarah22 Sep 1702William Dennison
EdlinWilliamÊ19 Jun 1655Abigail Ewer
EdwardsJohn28 Jul 1665Sarah Brews
EldredElizabeth11 Oct 1754William Choppin
EldredElizabeth29 Sep 1754William Chopping
EldredJames29 May 1718Elizabeth Ward
EldredMary21 Oct 1727Bernard
EmsonJohn04 Sep 1805Elizabeth Headland
EskefeildAnn26 Jul 1663Jonathan Leanord
EwerAbigail19 Jun 1655William Edlin
FanneKatherine25 Sep 1626John Lucas
FelstedJoanna07 Dec 1719Thomas Wall
FleetwoodJohn23 Jul 1718Sarah Franklin
FoordThomas C.18 Dec 1664Philis Laver
FosterJames21 Sep 1779Susanna Clark
FowlerAgnesÊ21 Sep 1593Thomas Tailor or Halles
FrankhamAnnÊ03 Oct 1784William Barnard
FrankhamSusanna06 Apr 1769James Clarke
FrankhamThomasÊ24 Jul 1750Mary Clarke
FranklandAnnÊ16 Nov 1782James Whealer
FranklandHenryÊ27 Jul 1784Sarah Rush
FranklinAnnunknownJames Wheeler
FranklinDavidÊ06 Oct 1726Hester Clarke
FranklinSarahÊ23 Jul 1718John Fleetwood
FullerGeorge29 Dec 1687Anne Muncke
GarretSarah21 Oct 1740William Robinson
GirdlerWilliam18 May 1640Ellen Richman
GlascockJohn19 Sep 1613Elizabeth Mesannt
GlasscockThomas11 Oct 1759Elizabeth Hammond
GrapesThomas02 Oct 1592Agnes Philippes Or Saunder
GreeneAnne19 Apr 1618George Newland
GriggesAnne01 Mar 1613Henry Salmon
Grigs22 Sep 1725Mary Moor
GurtonWilliam09 Apr 1672Susanna Barker
HallesEdward08 Apr 1641Justice Steward
HammondElizabeth11 Oct 1759Thomas Glasscock
HammondJohn19 Jan 1721Sarah Holloway
HammondMary20 Apr 1794Pelcher
HammondeMary03 Nov 1600George Hardon
HamondMargaret06 Sep 1590Nicholas Hutchinson
HamondMargaret09 Oct 1619William Thore
HampsonMabella13 Mar 1685James Stoone
HardonGeorge03 Nov 1600Mary Hammonde
HarroodMary04 Apr 1744Joseph White
HaydonHenry16 Sep 1729Hannah Clarke
HaydonMary02 Oct 1705William Nottage
HeadlandElizabeth04 Sep 1805John Emson
HemmingeMary20 Jan 1616John Stummar
HeydonHenry23 Nov 1721Mary Loker
HirdHannah04 Oct 1720Jeremy Lagden
HollowayPeter24 Oct 1807Elizabeth Barker
HollowaySarah19 Jan 1721John Hammond
HorwoodThomas16 Jan 1597Elizabeth Collin
HousdenRichardÊ29 Jul 1701Ann More
HumfryJohn30 Nov 1606Elizabeth Peper
HumphreyJohn31 Mar 1635Elizabeth Browne
HumphreySarah20 Dec 1763John Byatt
HutchinsonNicholas06 Sep 1590Margaret Hamond
IngramGabriell21 May 1607Sarah Whale
IvesElisabethÊ21 Dec 1724Judd
JarvisThomas04 Jan 1629Elizabeth Richards
JeamesMathea08 Dec 1636Robert Neale
JervisWilliam05 Oct 1730Elizabeth Curtis
Jud14 Mar 1666Dorothe Banyeard
Judd21 Dec 1724Elisabeth Ives
KeyAnne19 Oct 1714William Scot
KingRichard03 May 1620Anne Andrewes
LagdenJeremy04 Oct 1720Hannah Hird
LagefooteSarah08 Oct 1665John Lord
LammonThomas10 Oct 1714Mary Balthrop
LashMary04 Oct 1734Thomas Sapsord
LashSusan06 Oct 1726Reynolds
LaverPhilis18 Dec 1664Thomas C. Foord
LeanordJonathan26 Jul 1663Ann Eskefeild
LittleMercy28 Oct 1612Francis Richardson
LokerMary23 Nov 1721Henry Heydon
LordHanna15 Jan 1678Notage
LordJohn08 Oct 1665Sarah Lagefoote
LoveAnna28 Apr 1641Thomas Shedd
LucasJohn25 Sep 1626Katherine Fanne
MaycroweJames03 Nov 1628Margaret Alldredge
MeadeJaques29 Oct 1733Martha Sellen
MeadeJohn10 May 1630Alce Perrye
MeadeThomas06 Nov 1619Susan More
MeadeThomas27 Nov 1625Anna Newland
MesanntElizabeth19 Sep 1613John Glascock
MichaellWilliam03 Aug 1621Frances Whale
MichellJohn27 Jan 1594Thomas Robson
MonshallCatherine24 Jun 1584Robert Scoolinge
MonshallJane10 Oct 1609Richard Radly
MoorJohn30 Dec 1712Mary Welch
MoorMary22 Sep 1725Grigs
MoreAlice23 Jun 1560Thomas Morell
MoreAnn29 Jul 1701Richard Housden
MoreSusan06 Nov 1619Thomas Meade
MoreThomas08 Oct 1564Agnes Philipps
More01 Jun 1556Alice Rochester
MorellThomas23 Jun 1560Alice More
MorrellThomas01 Jan 1640Sarah Westly
MunckeAnne29 Dec 1687George Fuller
MunshallEllen03 Jun 1605John Coote
NealeRobert08 Dec 1636Mathea Jeames
NewlandAnna27 Nov 1625Thomas Meade
NewlandGeorge19 Apr 1618Anne Greene
NewmanSusanna10 Apr 1764Thomas Purkiss
NorrisElizabeth01 Nov 1727Henry Seere
Notage15 Jan 1678Hanna Lord
NottageElizabeth29 Sep 1715Thomas Prestland
NottageMary12 Jan 1723Edward Bonns
NottageWilliam02 Oct 1705Mary Haydon
NulandElizabeth02 Mar 1623Richard Squire
NumanEllin16 Sep 1623Edwin Casse
PageLuis06 Jan 1621Elizabeth Adcocke
PalmerMathew04 Jul 1710Margaret Alett
ParsonsLucy01 Sep 1698Josiah Smith
PaynElizabethOct 1700Charles Dellon
PayneSymond06 Mar 1634Ursula Dennis
Pelcher20 Apr 1794Mary Hammond
PeperElizabeth30 Nov 1606John Humfry
PerinElizebeth17 Apr 1672Sucklinge
PerryGeorge19 Oct 1723Anne Reynolds
PerryJohn06 Mar 1616John Polly
PerryeAlice10 May 1630John Meade
PeryElizabeth14 May 1616John Spilman
Philippes or SaunderAgnes02 Oct 1592Thomas Grapes
PhilippsAgnes08 Oct 1564Thomas More
PhillipsJohn21 Dec 1741Esther Stanes
PigramMary26 Dec 1798Charles Willis
PilgrimJohn24 May 1602Mary Spiltimber
PiperMary10 Nov 1768James Clark
PlailElizabeth24 Apr 1694William Wright
PlaileHenry04 May 1584Catherine Robson
PlaylThomas24 Apr 1718Mary Archer
PollyJohn06 Mar 1616Johan Perry
PorterJaneÊ21 Oct 1582Pinlippe Collin
PortwayIsaacÊ25 Jul 1619Mary Baysie
PoulterRobertÊ22 Feb 1737Anne Britton
PrestlandThomas29 Sep 171Elizabeth Nottage
PurkissThomas10 Apr 1764Susanna Newman
RadlyRichard10 Oct 1609Jane Monshall
ReedSarah12 Oct 1779Thomas Spiller
ReynoldsAnne19 Oct 1723George Perry
Reynolds06 Oct 1726Susan Lash
RichardsElizabeth04 Jan 1629Thomas Jarvis
RichardsonFrancis28 Oct 1612Mercy Little
RichardsonMary20 Jun 1799Barker
Richen08 Nov 1796Sarah Boldon
RichmanEllen18 May 1640William Girdler
RobinsonWilliam21 Oct 1740Sarah Garret
RobsonCatherine04 May 1584Henry Plaile
RobsonElizabeth10 May 1685Francis Dennesse
RobsonThomas27 Jan 1594Johan Michell
RochesterAlice01 Jun 1556More
RushSarah27 Jul 1784Henry Frankland
SalmonHenry01 Mar 1613Anne Grigges
SandfordEdward25 Aug 1741Susanna Warwick
SapsordThomas04 Oct 1734Mary Lash
SavilLambert05 Nov 1728Jane Cornel
ScoolingeRobert24 Jun 1584Catherine Monshall
ScotWilliam19 Oct 1714Anne Key
ScotcherAnne24 Sep 1706Shadrach Coe
SeereHenry01 Nov 1727Elizabeth Norris
SellenMartha29 Oct 1733Jaques Meade
SellenNathaniel30 Sep 1728Dennis Chopping
SheddThomas28 Apr 1641Anna Love
SmithJosiah01 Sep 1698Lucy Parsons
SmithWilliam17 Jun 1633Susanna Whale
SmithWilliam29 Oct 1560Margaret Bush
SorrelSarah30 Dec 1721William Dennis
SpellerMary26 Sep 1670Crow
SpillerThomas12 Oct 1779Sarah Reed
SpilmanJohn14 May 1616Elizabeth Pery
SpiltimberMary24 May 1602John Pilgrim
SquireRichard02 Mar 1623Elizabeth Nuland
SquireSarah03 Oct 1699John Brown
StainesJoseph29 Aug 1784Mary Barker
StanesEsther21 Dec 1741John Phillips
StewardJustice08 Apr 1641Edward Halles
StooneJames13 Mar 1685Mabella Hampson
StummarJohn20 Jan 1616Mary Hemminge
Sucklinge17 Apr 1672Elizebeth Perin
Sucklyn09 Dec 1725Elisabeth Ward
SwalloweThomas01 May 1604Elinor Turner
TaborElizabeth14 Jan 1709Phillip Betts
ThomsonElizabeth26 Apr 1811William Henry Willis
ThoreWilliam09 Oct 1619Margaret Hamond
TomsonRobert12 Oct 1606Margaret Bawcock
TuerAbdions03 Sep 1604Susan Whale
TurnerElinor01 May 1604Thomas Swallowe
TurnerRadulph11 Jan 1579Elinor Collins
WakefieldEdward15 Jun 1641Sarah Whale
WallThomas07 Dec 1719Joanna Felsted
WallerJohn04 Dec 1744Elizabeth Starr
WallerWilliam16 Dec 1744Elizabeth Starr
WardElisabeth09 Dec 1725Sucklyn
WardElizabeth29 May 1718James Eldred
WarwickSusanna25 Aug 1741Edward Sandford
WatsonThomas03 Aug 1617Elizabeth Aies
WeabWilliam31 Mar 1662Frances Battrup
WelchMary30 Dec 1712John Moor
WestlySarah01 Jan 1640Thomas Morrell
WhaleFrancesÊ03 Aug 1621William Michaell
WhaleSarahÊ15 Jun 1641Edward Wakefield
WhaleSarahÊ21 May 1607Gabriell Ingram
WhaleSusan03 Sep 1604Abdions Tuer
WhaleSusannaÊ17 Jun 1633William Smith
WhealerJamesÊ16 Nov 1782Ann Frankland
WhiteJosephÊ04 Apr 1744Mary Harrood
WillisCharles26 Dec 1798Mary Pigram
WillisWilliam Henry26 Apr 1811Elizabeth Thomson
WilsonElizabeth10 Aug 1744John Clark
WinterfloudeMarie16 Jan 1559Collin
WinterflowdeGeorge02 Oct 1608Johan Bowtell
Wissbie05 Jun 1684Mary Byfeeld
WoodleyRichard04 Feb 1627Anna Collin
WrightWilliam24 Apr 1694Elizabeth Plail
John08 Sep 1584Mary Collin
CAMPAnn8 JUN 18425 NOV 1844
CAMPAnn8 JUN 18425 NOV 1844
CAMPJames16 APR 1870
CAMPJames01 08 1929
CAMPPeter17 FEB 181225 DEC 18311861
CAMPPeter17 FEB 181225 DEC 1831ÊÊ8 JUL 1867
CAMPWilliam30 DEC 184012 OCT 1844
CAVEAnthonyABT 1520ABT 1520;ABT 15409 Sep 1558
CAVEAnthony9 Sep 1558
CHESTERSir AnthonyABT 1610BUR 15FEB1652
COLEPhillipBef 1608
COLLINBenjaminabt 167525 Apr 170025 May 1713
COLLINHenryabt 15283 Jan 1607
COLLINJames2 Aug 161825 Aug 1661
COLLINMrs. Bithiah or Bethiaabt 162214 Feb 1657
COLLINMrs. Ellenabt 153210 Apr 1611
COLLINMrs. Joanabt 1592
COLLINMrs. Sarahabt 1619
COLLINNicholasAbt 158216 Aug 1638
HALLRalph158925 Apr 1621
INGREEMEElizabethSINCE 19 MAY 1620
INGREEMEMr.bef. 19 May 1620
NORTHENThomasine1563AUG 1567
PORTERJaneabt 156121 Oct 158210 Nov 1598
RADLEYFrancesABT 1585ABT 15923 AUG 1621
Rev. WhalePhilemon155023 MAR 1619
WHALEAnna25 Dec 158425 Dec 1584
WHALEAnna29 Dec 15841584
WHALEElizabethsince 19May1921
WHALEElizabethsince 19May1620
WHALEHenry15 Jan 1586 158717 Aug 1616
WHALEJohan Joane1570
WHALEJohan Joane1609
WHALEJohn8 Apr 160128 Jul 1603
WHALEJohn9 Jan 1596 159724 Jun 1597
WHALEJohnchr 9 Jan 1595 15961603
WHALEJohnJan 159728 Jul 1603
WHALEJonas1589Abt 161425 APR 1621
WHALEJonas1582 15899 Nov 165721 Jul 1621
WHALEJonas1589;abt 15891621-04-25;abt 25 Apr 1621
WHALEJonasABT OCT 1582ABT 159225 APR 1621
WHALEJonasd. since 19 May 1620
WHALEMargaretSINCE 19 MAY 1620
WHALEMrs. AgnesWill proved 19May1620
WHALEPhilemon22 Feb 1563 644 Sep 158123 Mar 1620
WHALEPhilemon22 Feb 15654 Sep 158123 Mar 1620
WHALEPhilemon22 FEB 1574 7524 JAN 1611 1223 MAR 1619 20
WHALEPhilemon22 FEB 1575ABT 158923 MAR 1619 1620
WHALEPhilemon27 MAY 15997 NOV 1649;9 NOV 165722 FEB 1676
WHALEPhilemon4 MAR 157524 JAN 161223 MAR 1620
WHALEPhilemonABT 15474 SEP 158123 MAR 1620
WHALEPhilemonAbt 1554DEC 1574
WHALEPhilemonABT 1564EST 1598
WHALEPhilemonABT 159424 Jan 162222 Feb 1676
WHALEPhilemonwill proved 19 May 1620
WHALEPhilemon24 Jan 1612;24 Jan 1621;4 Sep 1581
WHALEPhilemon9 Nov 1657;7 Nov 1649;27 Nov 1649
WHALEPhilemon22 FEB 1674 75
WHALEPhilemon4 SEP 158723 MAR 1619
WHALE SrPhilemonABT 15504 Sep 158123 Mar 1620
BithiahAbt 162214 Feb 1657