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Church Charity BoardTranscript of the board:

James Amey of Little Hadham, Herts by will dated 29 March 1839 gave to the Minister Churchwardens and Overseers of this Parish £100 to be invested in Consols and the Dividends laid out in Bread to be distributed among such of the poor as to the Minister Churchwardens and Overseers should seem proper on the third Sunday in January yearly forever.  The Personal Estate being insufficient to pay the legacies in all £95 Sterling was on 30th July 1840. invested in the purchase of £ 104-7-10 3 per cent Consols in the name of the Reverend George Henry Glyn the Vicar and Messrs. John Mumford and Charles Stallibrass churchwardens £ 3-2-6 per annum. Henry Smith esq gave by deed in 1641 an Estate at Tolleshunt D’arcy in this County to feoffees in trust to pay 12 out of 140 shares to the churchwardens and overseers of Henham to be distributed by them either in clothing my, bread, flesh or fish among the sober and honest poor of this parish.  John Measant esquire by deed in 1644 gave one moiety by the income arising from five acres of copyhold land with buildings in Debden in this county to be distributed by the Minister and Parish Officers of Henham among such single poor persons of the age of 52 years as shall have lived there for space of two years and are not known to have either husband or wife son or daughter dwelling in the Parish.

Transcript of the board:

2nd Charity Board
Charity Board

Mrs Susan Dorothy Dixon Widow of Francis Dixon formerly Curate of Henham gave by will in 1822 £100  now invested in the 3 percent Consols, the interest to be given every year at Christmas in bread to the poor of this parish £3.18.6 (This means £3 18 shillings and 6 pence, which was £3.96) per annum.

George Henry Glyn Vicar in 1836 gave by Deed a cottage and garden the rent to be applied in the purchase of fuel to be given at Christmas to poor and devout members of this Church dwelling in this Parish.  He also gave by the same Deed £6 per annum being the redeemed land Tax of the tithes of Pledgedon Hamlet.  £5 thereof for a Master to teach boys on the Lords and other holy days and the £1 thereof to provide them with religious books.

The Rev T Clayton Glyn of Durrington House do effect the intentions of his deceased brother the Rev George H Glyn late Vicar of Henham by a deed made March 6th 1846 gave to Wm C Smith of Shortgrove esq and to his heirs a Copyhold Messuage and Premises called Snows upon Trust that the Mistress for the time being of the School for Educating Children of poor persons of this Parish in the principles of the Established Church provided she has been appointed by the Vicar, shall hold and enjoy the same.

The Churchwardens in 1836 were John Mumford and Charles Stallibrass.