Gravestones pt. 1

We are grateful to St Mary’s Church, Henham for permission to film the graves. We are again very grateful to Dave Cutts for his enhanced filming. I can now read some of them for the first time. Those unable to travel within the UK and from overseas can now view and read their family’s headstones from their own homes.

In the following table, we’ve allocated a number to each plot followed by the grave details and a thumbnail image (you can click on the thumbnail to access a much larger version). We created the plot numbers so please don’t confuse them with any found in church records. Because of the number of graves, we’ve made 3 web pages so those in the southern section, ie to the left of the church, are on this page. Those to the right are at – Gravestones pt. 2 and Gravestones pt. 3

ROW 1, the row against the far end, alongside the access track from Hall Lane to Parsonage Farm


Canning Family Gravestones in Henham Churchyard

I can thank Colin Reed for the following information –

There are eight headstones in a line in front of the large white Canning tomb. Starting with number 1 at the north, the inscriptions on them (as far as I have been able to read them) are as follows – now beneath each image