Lydia Neville

We recently (Summer 2007) received the following information and a request for any further information about Lydia, and particularly her husband William Neville –

‘My great grandmother was a Lydia Neville nee Snow who died in 1913 aged only 41. At that time the family lived in The Row. She was survived by her husband William who was born about 1867 (1st Quarter). He was a bootmaker and in the 1901 census records, the family are recorded as living in the High Street. No one in the family seems to remember him, so did he move away after his wife’s death? did he live to a very old age ?

The 1871 census puts William in Crow Street together with his parents Emma and James Neville. In the 1881 census William is an apprentice shoemaker and living at 110, The Street. In 1891 they deserted Henham and resided in Peckham, London still making shoes. In 1901 they were back in Henham and living in the High Street (and still making shoes ! ).

I can remember as a small child my gran taking me to visit her sister in Henham. I think her name was Liz and she was blind.

Lydia NevilleHere is a photo of Lydia, my gran Florence and three small children. possibly around 1910 and possibly taken in the back garden of The Row, Henham

It shows my G. grandmother Lydia Neville sitting with a baby on her lap. My grandmother Florence is standing on the right as you look at the photo. The other little girl may be Edith. Since not all the family are in the photo, the relative sizes of the children are of little help.

Looking at Florence, I would have said she was a about 16 or 17, but that does not tie in with the others. I am now thinking it may (only may) be about 1908. Gran was very petite and the dress and hairstyle perhaps have made her look older. I am trying to name the others, but that is proving more difficult. I found a Maud in the BMD index born in 1901 and Edward Ernest in 1904. Both may be more of Lydia’s offspring. Edward I think was known as ‘Tubby’ and lived in Stansted with his wife. I don’t think they had any children. I can remember an Aunt saying that ‘Mynott’ moved up North. I may have found the baby on Lydia’s lap – it could be Mary Bertha born 2nd quarter of 1908. There is a William Edward the following quarter but with one Edward already, it seems unlikely. So I think 1909 is the clear winner at the moment for the photo. As Lydia died in 1913, she certainly left William with some caring problems. ‘

Please contact us if you have any further information on Lydia Neville nee Snow & William Neville