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1632 2nd. May Nathaniel Covell born Henham, Essex, son of Lewis Covell, yeoman to Thomas Harrison, Vinters Company 1685 7th. April Edward Disborough born Henham, Essex, son of Thomas Disborough, blacksmith to John Wren, Vinters Company 1695 24th Sept. John Brand born Henham, Essex, son of John Brand gardener, to Thomas Huggins, butcher 1717 master Thomas Belsham, miller of Furneaux Pelham; apprentice: John Hoy of Henham, Essex son of Richard Hoy weaver
1717 master Charles Hunkman Glover, of Clavering, Essex; apprent:ice: Thomas Hoy, parents Richard, weaver of Henham, Essex 1737 Jo,hn Brown apprentice of Henham Essex; parents Jane; master: Daniel Overhead, cordwainer of Brentwood, Essex 1762 master Edmond Brand butcher Henham, Essex apprentice: William Brand 1766 master John Turner of Henham, Essex, sawyer apprentice: John Collin
1767 John Guison blacksmith master of Henham, Essex apprentice: William Searle Edward Rodney Elliott baptised 8 June 1804 at Henham, Essex appointment: 1828 British India Office Assistant Surgeons
Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices’ Indentures in Henham, Essex 1710-1811

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26 Mar 1719
master: Thomas Presland, carpenter
apprentice: Martin Bowtell, of Thaxted
14 Feb 1745
master: Richard Bush, carpenter
apprentice: John Monk son of George
7 May 1754
master: John Thurgood, carpenter
apprentice: Thomas Pakeman
15 Nov 1756
mistress: Ann Silthorp, mantle maker
apprentice: Sarah Vealey
15 Jul 1757
master: Richard Bush, carpenter
apprentice: George Marriot
9 Feb 1762
master: William Dickson, cordwainer
apprentice: John Dickson
4 Aug 1762
master: Will Mascall, cordwainer
apprentice: Phillip Mascall
22 Oct 1765
master: Edward Brand, butcher
apprentice: John Wilson
3 Jan 1767
master: John Turner, sawyer
apprentice: John Collin
2 Jan 1768
master: John Gurson, blacksmith
apprentice: William Searle
30 Sep 1776
master: John Nottage, butcher
apprentice: Samuel Edridge
8 Dec 1784
master: William Greygoose
apprentice: John Bacon
8 Dec 1784
master: Thomas Rixen, shoe maker
apprentice: George Gurson
29 Jul 1786
master: James Bush, carpenter
apprentice: James G Wood
29 Jul 1786
master: John Gurson, blacksmith
apprentice: James Dixon
17 Mar 1787
master: William Greygoose, cordwainer
apprentice: James Hayden
2 May 1794
master: John Gurson, blacksmith
apprentice: John Perry
23 Nov 1798
master: James Hayden, cordwainer
apprentice: James Searle
11 Jul 1800
master: Reuben Cook, cordwainer
apprentice: Jas (James) Moore

Born in Henham employed elsewhere
During research the following was found on the Internet concerning the town of Sawbridgeworth.

High St, Broxbourne
Henry BRAND, lodger, unmarried, 35, Journeyman Wheelwright, b.Henham? Essex at home of John FAIRCHILD, shoemaker

William BARKER, apprentice, unmarried, 20, Butcher’s Apprentice, b.Henham, Essex at premises of Francis Parrott, Butcher.

Crib Street
James RICKETS, head, married, 65, General Labourer, b.Henham, Essex
Susannah, wife, 53, Wife, b.Ware, Herts
William, son, 15, General Labourer, b.Ware, Herts

Samuel ROCHESTER, head, married, 43, Sawyer, b.Sawbridgeworth
Susan, wife, 45, b.Henham, Essex
All the children are born in Sawyer, b.Sawbridgeworth

Frederick, son, 14,
Thomas, son, 11,
Caroline, dau, 9,
Samuel, son, 7,
Keziah, dau, (can’t read age)

Pishobury Manor
Fanny EDE, head, widow, 61, Landed Proprietor, b.Cuckfield Sussex amongst a number of staff and household is
Sophia MONK, servant, unmarried, 27/29? Kitchenmaid, b.Henham, Essex

John REED, head, married, 32, Coachman, b.Henham, Essex
Ann REED, 32,Coachman’s wife, b. Manuden, Essex
Susan REED, dau, 5, scholar, b. Bishop Stortford, Herts
James REED, son, 3, scholar, b. Sawbridgeworth
Eliza REED, dau, 7 months, b. Sawbridgeworth

Joseph PEGRAM, head, married, 55, Agricultural Labourer., b.Elsenham, Essex
Milley? PEGRAM, wife, 59, b.Henham, Essex