Public Houses in Henham

The village (before the boundary changes) had four pubs in the village, only one remains in Henham The Cock, while The Crown with the boundary changes moved into the village of Elsenham.

The Bell Inn
It closed in 1977 and was turned into a family dwelling
Bell Pub
Bell Pub in mid 1940s
1848Philip DixonBeerhouse KeeperWhite’s
1851Philip DixonBeer RetailerPost Office Trade Directory
1862Philip DixonBeer RetailerKellys
1867Philip DixonBeer RetailerPost Office Trade Directory
1870Eve DixonBeer RetailerKellys
1871Eve DixonBeer RetailerPost Office Trade Directory
1874Eve DixonBeer RetailerKellys
1878Eve DixonBeer RetailerKellys
1881Levi DixonLandlord /Thatcher451881 Census
1881Esther DixonWife401881 Census
1882Levi DixonBeer RetailerKellys
1890George HornsbyBeer RetailerKellys
1894George Frederick HornsbySaddlerKellys
1895George Frederick HornsbyLandlordEssex Public Houses
1898George Frederick HornsbySaddlerKellys
1899George Frederick HornsbyLandlordKellys
1902George Frederick HornsbySaddlerKellys
1906George Frederick HornsbySaddlerKellys
1908Joseph William ChamberlainLandlordKellys
1910Joseph William ChamberlainLandlordKellys
1912John BalaamLandlordKellys
1914John BalaamLandlordKellys
1917John BalaamLandlordKellys
1922John BalaamLandlordKellys
1925John BalaamLandlordKellys
1929John BalaamLandlordKellys
1933John BalaamLandlordKellys
1937John BalaamLandlordWWII children evacuated to the BellKellys
The Cock Henham Public House and TavernAdjoining the Cock was John Hayden's blacksmith's forge
Cock Inn c 1887
1845Elizabeth HeardPost Office Trade Directory
1848Elizabeth HeardWhite’s
1851Elizabeth HeardPost Office Trade Directory
1862John NewmanKellys
1867John NewmanPost Office Trade Directory
1870John NewmanKellys
1871John NewmanPost Office Trade Directory
1874John NewmanKellys
1878John NewmanKellys
1881John NewmanInnkeeper581881 Census
1882John NewmanFarmerKellys
1886William NewmanFarmerKellys
1890William NewmanFarmerKellys
1894William NewmanFarmerKellys
1895William NewmanLandlordKellys
1898William ElliottKellys
1899William ElliottKellys
1902William ChipperfieldKellys
1906Joseph William ChippendaleKellys
1908Joseph William ChippendaleKellys
1910Joseph William ChippendaleKellys
1912Joseph William ChippendaleKellys
1917Joseph William ChippendaleKellys
1937Cuthbert Wallace BowringKellys
The Star Public House also known as The Starr and GarterThe image c 1878 courtesy of Pat Mead
1848Elizabeth BarkerVictuallerWhite’s
1851Elizabeth BarkerPost Office Trade Directory
1862Elizabeth BarkerKelly’s
1867Abraham DommitPost Office Trade Directory
1870John SalmonKelly’s
1871John SalmonPost Office Trade Directory
1874Ziba BalaamKelly’s
1878Ziba BalaamKelly’s
1881Lila Balaam39Census
1882Ziba BalaamKelly’s
1886Frederick SmithKelly’s
1890William DixonKelly’s
1894William DixonKelly’s
1895William DixonLandlordKelly’s
1898William DixonKelly’s
1899William DixonKelly’s
It appears that the Star was de-licensed around 1925 and turned into a farm around this time. Later in became the village garage with petrol pumps as seen in the photographs below. It was part of a major auction in 1862 of properties in the village.

The Crown, Henham Public House and Tavern Due to parish boundary changes, it is now in the next door village of Elsenham
1848William Henry BowtellHorse dealer & victuallerWhite’s
1851William Henry BowtellHorse dealer & victuallerPost Office Trade Directory
1862William Henry BowtellHorse dealer & victuallerKelly’s
1867William Henry BowtellHorse dealer & victuallerPost Office Trade Directory
1870Henrietta BowtellKelly’s
1871Henrietta BowtellPost Office Trade Directory
1874Thomas MascallLandlordKelly’s
1878Thomas MascallLandlordKelly’s
1881Thomas C. MascallLandlord35Census
1882Thomas MascallLandlordKelly’s
1886Thomas MascallLandlordKelly’s
1890Thomas MascallLandlordKelly’s
1894Thomas MascallLandlordKelly’s
1895Thomas MascallLandlordKelly’s
1898Thomas MascallLandlordKelly’s
1899Thomas MascallLandlordKelly’s
1902Thomas MascallLandlordKelly’s
1906Thomas MascallLandlordKelly’s
1908Thomas C. MascallKelly’s
1910Charles GrayKelly’s
1912Charles GrayKelly’s
1914Charles GrayKelly’s
1917Charles GrayKelly’s
1922Charles GrayKelly’s
1925Charles GrayKelly’s
1929Geroge Josiah HaylockKelly’s
1933Geroge Josiah HaylockKelly’s
1937Geroge Josiah HaylockKelly’s