Bits and Bobs of History

1. Extract from “Elizabethan Life in Essex”

An index of names from : Elizabethan Life in Essex: Morals and the Church Courts by Dr F G Emmison.  These books are a great storehouse of Elizabethan names in the county. They come from a time when the county population was no more than about 50000 (it has been estimated as 35000-40000 adults).

CLERK Henham (Old Meade) better church seat as deaf 1600
GLASCOCK William Henham church warden prevented him ringing 1587
KYRBY Thomas Henham a church warden 1595 ?
MEASAUNTE Thomas Henham church warden, stopped bellringers 1587
PERRYE John Henham questman, negligence charge 1594

2. British History Online – The Subsidy Roll of 1319 for Broad Street Ward in London

Peter de Henham, appr of Thomas le Hodere, adm. 1311LBD143. Replaced by Katerina de Hanham 1332
There were 9 taxpayers – including the following:- Edmund de Grauele, painter, may have been connected with William 1292.

Four were admitted in 1311:
John deDenham, fishmonger (8s.),
Richard Bokskyn, alias de Gravele, fuster,
Peter de Henham, hoder,
David de Reynham, brewer
Roger le Palmer senior, cornmonger and alderman, was originally called de Coulinges.
John le Mareschal of Walbr is also in 1292

A high taxpayer was Richard de Henham, cornmonger (£2).

3. Henham’s Support for the Abolition of Slavery from:
British HistoryOnline
Source: House of Lords Journal Volume 63: 20 April 1831. Journal of the House of Lords: volume 63

‘Upon reading the Petition of the Protestant Dissenters of Henham, Essex, whose Names are thereunto subscribed; praying their Lordships “to fix on some early Date at which Slavery shall entirely cease, and complete Emancipation be granted to Slaves in every Part of the British Dominions:”

It is Ordered, That the said Petition do lie on the Table.

4. Colchester Borough Court in Session – Sessions Roll Epiphany 1582 Dates of Accumulation 1578  

Writ to take amongst others, Richard Botomlye of Henham, labourer and have him at the said Sessions.

5. Henham  Mechanics’ Institution 1825 
Listed in Report of the State of Literary, Scientific, and Mechanics’ Institutions [SDUK], 1841 Defunct by 1842 ?

6. The Essex Countryside February 1963

An old accounts book from Mr. Bacon relating to his bailiff duties for Mr. Stallibrass of Blatches Farm, Eastwood shows a sample of the following:

Bacon 6 days with horses 18.0
Wiseman 6 days with horses at 2/4 14.0
Mrs Kemp 31/2 days weeding wheat 3.6
Boy Hume Killing 3 score sparrows .6
Mrs Humphreys 1 day and a 1/4 cleaning turnips 1.3
12 ducks to the Bury 4d 5.4