Notable Property Auctions

Notable Auctions of Property & Land in Henham, Little Henham and Pledgdon

Many of these sales catalogues contain maps, plot numbers, and the respective names of owners and tenants and represent the transition to a post-feudal society

15th January 1728. In the Hall of the South-Sea House, the auction of The Manor and Rectory of Henham in the County of Essex, and a freehold farm called Broom Farm, in the same County

5th July 1860 Little Henham Lodge

31st July1862 ‘Star’ Public House

16th Aug 1877 Wood End Green Farm

24th June 1884. Stamp £12.10.0. Signed, produced and … 23rd .. 1898 at  ….

By Indenture of this date made between Salisbury Baxendale (thereinafter called the Mortgager) of the one part and Hugh Fort (thereinafter called the Mortgagee) of the other part.

Witnessed that in consideration of the sum of £10,000 paid to the Mortgager by Mortgagee (receipt ..) The Mortgagor covenanted with the Mortgagee to pay to him on 24th day of June 1889 the sum of £10,000 with interest thereon in the meantime at the rate of 3 3/4 per cent per annum by equal half yearly payments on 24th June and 24th day of December and interest after default.

And it is also witnessed that for the same consideration The Mortgagor as beneficial Owner thereby conveyed to the Mortgagee

All those messuages, lands and hereditaments situate at Henham in the County of Essex comprised in the Schedule thereunder written as the same were delineated on the plan annexed thereto and thereon coloured pink (except such part as was of copyhold tenure).u

To hold to and to the use of the Mortgagee in fee simple subject to the Proviso for redemption therein following.

Proviso for Redemption
And it was further witnessed that for the consideration afore

said the Mortgagor covenanted to legally and effectually surrender to the use of the Mortgagee such of the said messuages, lands and hereditaments delineated on the said plan and thereon coloured pink as might be of copyhold tenure and until such surrender to stand seized thereof Upon trust for the Mortgagee, his heirs and assigns subject nevertheless to the like proviso for redemption

The Schedule


Name of Tenant





Hall Parsonage and Brayshott farms

G.F. Collin




Little Henham Hall Farm and other lands

Charles Marshall




Green End and Wood End farms

Samuel Screeby




The Lodge Farm

in hand




The Cock Inn

Hawkes & Co.








The Estimated Annual Rental of the above property let and in hand is £2,100

Executed by Salisbury Baxendale and attested

25th June 1889 The Shortgrove Estate – Pledgdon Hall Farm & Broom Farm (part)

30th June 1896 The Henham Estate inc Parsonage Farm, ‘The Cock’ Public House, Little Henham Hall, Lodge Farm, Green End Farm, blacksmith’s & wheelwrights shop, shops, cottages

12th May 1898 Henham & Ugley properties and lands 

30th June 1922 The Elsenham Estate inc Elsenham Hall, Broom Farm, Pennington Hall Farm, Henham Mill Farm, ‘Sandy Mount’, Greenend Farm, Pledgdon Hall Farm, ‘The White Horse’ Beer House.