Pre AD 1538 villagers

The following table is a compilation of persons recorded by and the International Genealogical Index as being born, christened, married, died or buried prior to 1538, the date when parish registers were first required to be kept by law. We are grateful to both organsiations for permission to reproduce these entries. The IGI source is reprinted by kind permission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Copyright (c) 1999 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc

The information comes with a large health warning. Both organisations have numerous errors in their databases, particularly for the period AD 1,000-1500. The repeated entries are full of mistakes but they do contain some truths as to the family names living in Henham during the period following the Conquest of 1066 until 1538. Only the wealthy could afford to pay for a church service so very few villagers are mentioned.

?Aliceabout 1535 Henhamabout 1557 St Peter West Cheap, London9 Oct 1607 Londonspouse: Isaac SHETTERDEN; children: Judith SHETTERDEN, Daniel SHETTERDEN
?Martha15051526 m. John V WoodcockDeath 9 Oct 1607, burial in St Mary, Rotherhithe, Surrey
?Rohese1201abt. 1220 of Henham, Essex m. Robert Fitzwalter (1198-9 Dec 1235)child: Walter FitzRobert (1224 - before 10th Apr 1258)
BarthropJohn1539 Henhamabout 1538 Henhamspouse: Mrs. John Barthrop; child: John Barthrop
Boughton / BroughtonIsabella14951518 m. High Cross, London. John V PenningtonDeath 27 Nov 1542 in Cumbia
BurghDevorguille Deabout 1258 at Henham (?), Essexm. Robert, Lord Fitzwalter about 1274 at Henham (?)died 1284parents: John De Burgh, (Baron Lanvallei of Walkern) & Cecilia De Baliol
BurghEleanor De1248 Henham, Essexm. 1264 to Thomas Multonparents: Richard De Burgh b. 1223 at Henham , Essex; child: Joan Multon
BurghMargery Deb. 1251 at Henham, EssexJohn De Burgh & Cecelia De Baliol
BurghRichard Deb. 1223 at Henham, Essex
CaldebeckHenry1412 Henham, Essexm. Cecily Hinkley1445child: Thomasine Caldebeck (1430-1500)
CaldebeckThomasine1430 Henham, Essex12 Jul 1454 m. Turner (1440 - 1465) in Suffolk1500 Bayford, Herts.child: John Turner (1465-1494)
ChideockElizabethabout 1404 Henham, Essexm. about 1428 at Henham, Essex to Walter Fitz Walterd. 1464parents: Sir John Chideock, Alianore Fitz Warin child: Elizabeth of Dinham Fitz Walter
DayeWilliam15361561 m. Clemence Daye at HenhamDeath 25 May 1574
De Vere 3rdAlberic Aubrey1120 Henham, Essexson of Lord Robert Radcliff, 1st Baron Henham Fitzwalter & Adeliza Alice De Clare (born 1077 Tonbridge, Kent; died 1st Nov 1163 St Osyths Priory, Essex)26th Dec. 1194 Halstead, Essex
Engayne de LaxtonJoan1277 Henham, Essex1290 m. Walter FitzRobert at Woodham Walter, Essexchild: Robert FitzWalter
FerrersAlianore (Eleanor)1273 Southoe, Leics.1289 m. 1st Robert Fitz Walter, 1st Baron Fitz Walter about 1307 ? m. 2nd. Ralph de Gorgesd. 1300 ? at Henham, Essexparents: Robert de Ferrers, Earl of Derby & Eleanor de Bohun (dau. of Humphrey VIII de Bohn, Earl Of Hereford & Elizabeth Plantagenet, Princess of England); children: Robert Fitz Walter, 1st Baron Fitz Walter and Ralph de Gorges
FilipElizabethabout 1518 Henham1539 Henhamspouse: John Smith
FitzwalterElizabeth28 JUL 14301444 Age: 14 m. John Radcliffe 1426- 1461 of Woodhouse, Walter, Essex; 1469 15 Mar m. John Dinham 1434-1501 of Woodhouse Walter, EssexDau of Walter Fitzwauter 1400-1431 & Elizabeth Chidiock 1404-1464
FitzwalterIdaabout 1290m. Hugh De Neville7th Nov. 1361
FitzwalterJohnabout 1315 henhamabt. 1344 m. at Warkworth, Northumberland to Eleanor (Alianore) de Percy10th Oct 1361parents: Robert Fitz Walter, Baron of Little Dunmow & Joan de Multon
FitzwalterRobert, III FitzWalter of Dunmow, 1st Lord of Essex1247m. 10th May 1289 - King's Chapel, Westminster Abbey to Alianore de Ferrers; m. 1289 Devorguilla de Burgh, m. 10 May 1308 Alice de MontfortDeath: 18 Jan 1326parents: Sir Walter fitz Robert (Lord Baynard) & Ida LongespŽe
FitzwalterWalter5 Sep 1368 at Henham, Essexm. Joan Devereux; children: Humphrey Fitzwalter, Sir Walter Fitzwalter, Lord Fitzwalter16 May 1407 Veniceparents: Walter fitzWalter & Philippe de Mohun. 4th Lord Fitzwalter. Summoned to Parliament. Jun 1386 - he or his father ? Joined unsuccessful expedition of Duke of Lancaster to Spain. Passing at sea between Rome & Naples, captured by Saracens. Taken prisoner to Tunis, Tunisia, Africa. Ransomed by some Genoese merchants
FitzwalterWalter31 May 1345 at Henhamm. 23 Jun 1362 to Alianore de Dagworth at Vachery, Cranley, Surrey26 Sep 1386 at Oronse, Galiciaparents: John fitzWalter & Eleanor Percy child: Walter FitzWalter
FitzwalterWalterabout 1400 at Henham, Essex but chr. 22nd Jun 1400/01 at Woodham Walter, Essexabout 1428 m. Elizabeth Chideock at Henham, Essex25 Nov 1431 at Dunmow Priorychild: Elizabeth FitzWalter of Dinham
FitzWalterChristina1275 at HenhamSpouse: William MarshallDeath: 6 Dec 1315 - Hockering, Norfolk,
HinkleyCecily1412 in Henham, Essexm. Henry Caldebeck12th Jul 1454 Henhamchild: Thomasine Caldebeck (1430-1500)
HuddlestoneMary1466 Henham, Essex1484 m. John Pennington
JacobAgnesabout 1518 Henham1539 Henhamspouse: John Sewell
KirbyMrs. Mary1501 Henham1520spouse: Richard Kirby; children: Mary Kirby, Thomas Kirby
KirbyRichard1499 Henham1520 Henham14 Apr 1590spouse: Mrs. Mary Kirby; children: Mary Kirby, Thomas Kirby
MarshallHawise1297 at Henham, Essexm. Robert de Morleyparents: John Marshall & Christina Fitzwalter; child: William de Morley
MarshallJohn1271 at Henham, Essexm. Christina Fitzwalterchild: Hawise Marshall
MassyWilliam1410, Tatton, Derbys.about 1425 m. Elizabeth Chidiock at Henham, Essex1467children: Geffrey Massy, Thomas Massy
MeasantThomas15301553 24 Aug m. Joane Johnstone at Henham28 Jun 1585 in Henham
MeynellHugh De1309 at Henham, Essexm. 1331 to Joan Warde (b. 1311)
MohunPhilippe De1364 at Henham, Essex ?m. before 27th June 1385 to Walter Fitzwalter, Baron Fitzwalter
MooreThomas William1575Thomas More & Martha Brooks
MultonJoan de1264 at Henham, Essex; chr. 1304 Cumberland.m. Sir John Pennington16 Jun 1363parents: Thomas Multon & Eleanor De Burgh
MultonThomas1246 at Henham, Essexm. Eleanor De Burghchild: Joan de Multon
NevilleHugh De23rd Aug 1276 at Hallingbury, Essexm. 1st about 1290 at Brandeston, Suffolk. m. 2nd about 1309 at Henham, Essex to Ida Fitzwalterdied before 27th May 1335parents: John & Margaret De Neville; children: Hugh De Neville, Edmund De Neville
PeecheKatherine1349 Gt. Thurlow, Suffolkm. 1369 at Lackford, Suffolk to Sir John Aspale m. Thomas Notbeam1406 Pledgdon, Henham, Essexparents: Gilbert Pecche & Joan Wateville; child: Meribel Aspale; child: Margaret Notbeam
Penningtonabout 1489 Henham1518 Henhambefore 1557 Henhamchildren: Richard Pennington, Thomas Pennington
PenningtonJohnb. 1464 at Pennington, Lancs.m. 1484 Mary Huddlestone28th June 1516 at Henham, Essexparents: John Pennington Sir, Isabel Broughton; child: John Pennington
PenningtonJohn V.1489 Henhamabout 1518 Henham1557 Henhamparents: John Pennington, Mary Huddleston; spouse: Mrs. Pennington children: William Pennington, Richard Pennington: Thomas Pennington
PenningtonJohn V.1485 Henhamabout 1520 Henham1557 Henhamparents: John Pennington, Mary Huddleston; spouse: Mrs Pennington
PenningtonMrsabout 1495about 1518 Henhamspouse: Mr Pennington; children: Thomas Pennington, Richard Pennington
PenningtonMrs.1485 Henhamabout 1518 Henhamspouse: John V. Pennington; children: William Pennington, Richard Pennington
PenningtonRichard1489 Henhamabout 1518 Henhambeforeore 1557spouse: William Mrs. Pennington
PenningtonRichardabout 1489 Henhamabout 1522 Henhambefore 1557child: Thomas Pennington
PenningtonRichard1540 Henham29 Jun 1576 St Peter Le Poor, Londonbetween 1590 and 1632parents: Robert Pennington, Anne spouse: Isabel Bremar; child: John Pennington
PenningtonRichardabout 1519 Henhamafter 1592
PenningtonRobert1525 Henham20 Aug 1557parents: John V Pennington, Wife Father Pennington
PenningtonRobertabout 1528 Henhamabout 26 Aug 1557 Plegeden, Henham, Essex28 Aug 1557 Henhamparents: Thomas aka Paul Pennington spouse: Ann child: Robert Pennington
PenningtonRobert1517 Plegeden, Henhamspouse: Anne28 Aug 1557 Henhamchild: Robert PENNINGTON
PenningtonThomasabout 1524 Henhamabout 1560/1565; Apr 1579 of Tottenhamabout Sep 1594 Tottenham High Crossparents: Thomas aka Paul Pennington spouse: Margaret Foster; Alice Kinge
PenningtonThomas aka Paulabout 1500 of Tottenham High Crossabout 1521 Henhamburial Henham 28 Aug 1557children: Richard Pennington, Thomas (gent) Pennington Jr.
PenningtonWilliamabout 1523 Henhamabout 1551 Henhamspouse: Alice Woodcock; parents: Thomas aka Paul Pennington
PenningtonWilliamabout:1523 Henhamestimated between: 1555 -1589estimated between: 1569/00/00 -1615parents: Pennington spouse: Alice Woodcock; children: Jacob Pennington, Arthur Pennington
PenningtonWilliam1523 Henhamabout 1554 St. Peter, West Cheap, London11 Nov 1592 St Benets Grace, Londonparents: Sir John Pennington, Isabel Broughton spouse: Alice Woodcock children: Robert Pennington, Jacob Pennington, Arthur Pennington, daughter Pennington child: Judith Shetterton
PenningtonWilliamabout 1523 Henhamabout 1549 or about 1550 Londonabout. 1592 11 Nov 1592spouse: Alice Woodcock; children: Robert Pennington, Jacob Pennington
PenningtonWilliam Mrsabout 1494 Henhamabout 1518 Henhamspouse: Richard Pennington
PENNINGTONWilliamabout 1523 Henham9 Oct 1607 St Benets Grace St, Londonspouse: Alice Woodcock; child: Robert Pennington
PENNINGTONWilliamabout 1523 Henham1552 St. Peter, West Cheap, London11 Nov 1592 St Benets Grace, Londonspouse: Alice Woodcock; children: Robert Pennington, Arthur Pennington, Miss Pennington,Thomas Pennington, Jacob Pennington
PercyEleanor de1325 Alnwick , N'landm. 1344 Baron John FitzWalterd. 1368 at Henham, EssexHenry De Percy V; Lord of Percy, Idoine (Idonea) De Clifford; children: Walter FitzWalter Baron, Alice FitzWalter
RadcliffeJohn1423 at Attleborough, Norfolkbefore 1444 at Henham, Essex to Elizabeth Fitz Walter1461/1462 at Ferrybridge, Yorksparents: John Radcliffe & Katherine Burnell; children: John Radcliffe, Robert Radcliffe
Radcliffe, Baron FitzwalterJohnabout 1426 in Chadbone, Lancs.abt 1444 at Woodhouse, Essex to Elizabeth Fitzwalter, Baroness Dinham6th April at Henham, Essex
RonsThomasdeath: about 1500 in Henham, Essex
SewelleJohnabout 1514 Henham01 May 1539 Henhamspouse: Agnes Jacobe
ShetterdonMrs. Aliceabout 1527 Henhamabout 15459 Oct 1607spouse: Isaac Robert Pennington; child: Sir Isaac Pennington
Smyth/SmithJohnabout 1514 Henham14 Oct 1539 Henhamspouse: Elizabeth Phillipe
TraffordMargaret1430 28 Jul1534 m. William Radcliffe 1502-1568 ManchesterDied 1485 22 Aug aged 55 at Woodhouse, Walter, Essex
VereAubrey Deabout 1340 at Baldlesmere, Kentm. Alice Fizwalter at Henham, Essex23rd April 1400parents: John De Vere, Maud De Badlesmere
VereRobert De1230 at Henham, Essexm. Alice Sandford (b. 1231 - d. 7th Sept. 1317)7th Sept. 1296parents: Hugh De Vere & Hawise De Quincy; children: Joan De Vere, Robert De Vere, Alphonzo Devere
Ward, Baron WardeRobert De Laabout 1288m. 1305 at Henham, Essex to Ida Fitzwalterchild: Joan de la Warde
WhetehillAdrianabout 1435 in Henham, Essexspouse: Margaret born c. 1453, died c. 1534; 2nd spose: Margaret Worsley m.1460, she died 15151503
WoodcockAlice1527 Henhamabout 1645 Henhamspouse: William Pennington; child: Robert Pennington
WoodcockAlice1527 Henhamm. 1st: 1552 to William Pennington m. 2nd: 1554 West London to Isaac Shetterden9 Oct 1607 London, buried in St Benets Grace, Londonparents: John or Robert Woodcock children: Pennington, Robert; children: Judith Shetterton ,
WoodcockJno1529 Henham9 Oct 1607 churchyard of Gracechurch St., London,
WoodcockJohn1501 HenhamDeath: 3rd Jan 1561child: Alice Woodcock
WoodcockMr.about 1501 Henhamabout 1525 Henham
WoodcockMrsabout 1501 Henhamabout 1526 Henhamspouse: Mr. Woodcock; children: Alice Woodcock, Jno Woodcock
WoodcockMrs.about 1506 Henhamabout 1525spouse: Mr. Woodcock
WoodcockRobert1501 HenhamDeath 1607, 9 Oct burial St. Benet's Grace, Londonchildren: Jno Woodcock, Alice Woodcock